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Choose, Rent, Go

Stop by one of the many convenient InMotion Entertainment locations and choose from our large movie inventory. Don’t have a DVD player? We do. Our portable DVD player rental package includes everything you need for the complete in-flight entertainment experience:

  • Portable DVD player with 9-inch screen
  • One DVD movie of your choice for each day you plan to rent the package (additional movies are $5 each)
  • Rechargeable four hour battery
  • Two digital headsets
  • AC adapter
  • Convenient carrying case

Just Press Play

Through InMotion, your movies are ready when you are. Hop on your flight, get comfortable, and just press play. You can even keep the rental as long as you like (additional charges may apply).

Super Simple Rental Returns

Whether you’re renting a movie, a DVD player or both, we make rental returns a breeze. Rent from any InMotion location and, when you’re done, simply return your items to any of our stores or use our prepaid shipping mailers to send it from wherever you land.

Rental FAQs



Q: Do I have to be traveling to an airport that has an InMotion Entertainment location in order to use the service?

A: InMotion Entertainment offers services that allow anyone to experience personalized portable entertainment.

  • Pick Up Rental - If you are traveling from an InMotion Entertainment's airport, simply stop by our location before your departure, pick up a portable DVD player and/or DVD movie, and watch it on your flight. Pick Up rentals include a portable DVD player(s), DVD movie(s) of your choice, rechargeable 4 hr. battery, 2 headsets, Headset splitter, AC adapter, and convenient carrying case. Additional movies are available for $5.00.
  • Use Rental - To use a portable DVD player and watch a DVD movie, simply unzip the convenient carrying case InMotion Entertainment provides you and "just press the play" button. You can keep the rental for as long as you like (additional charges may apply).
  • Returning your rental - If you're traveling to an InMotion Entertainment airport you can Drop Off your rental there. If not, you can always ship it back for an additional fee, using the prepaid UPS label included with each rental.

Q: How can I mail a disk back to you?

A: To return the disks by mail, please place them in a padded envelope and send them to the DVD Mailing Address listed below. Please include either the sleeves the disks came in or a copy of your receipt to insure that they are properly returned to your account. Fees are not charged during the time that the disks are in transit back to us, so they are required to be postmarked by the fifth rental day to considered returned on time.

    DVD Return:
    InMotion Entertainment
    4801 Executive Park Court,Suite 100
    Jacksonville, FL 32216

Q: Can I ship the equipment back to you from a foreign country?

A: No. When renting the equipment and taking it with you outside of the US, you should have no problems getting though Customs with the equipment, except if you are going to Cuba. However, due to current customs regulations, you would need to keep the equipment for the time that you are out of the country, as you would not be able to ship the equipment back to us. You would not necessarily need to return the equipment back to the location you picked it up, but you would need to be inside the US in order to ship it back to us.

Q: Can more than one person watch a movie from one player?

A: Absolutely, Each player has two headphone jacks, so two headphones can be connected to the player at the same time.

Q: If I have my own player, can I just rent the movies?

A: Sure. If you have your own portable DVD player, or your portable computer is equipped with a DVD drive, you can stop by one of our stores and rent just a movie for $5 for 5 days. If you travel often, we offer a Rental Movie Subscription Service option where you can pick up your movies and keep them as long as you need them. Please ask one of our store associates for details and rental plans.

To return the rental movies when you are finished, you can drop them off at any of our InMotion Entertainment stores or for $1.00 more we can provide you with a pre-paid mailer.  Just drop your DVD in any US Postal Service mailbox nationwide to return it to us.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: Batteries last on average approximately four hours. Plenty of power to watch almost any movie.

Q: What are your hours?

A: InMotion Entertainment is open 365 days a year. Please check our current locations section to find hours of operation for individual stores.

Q: Is there a deposit required when renting and how does it work?

A: Yes, there is a deposit required when renting either a player package or just a DVD. The required deposit for a player rental package starts out at $250 and varies from there depending on what equipment is rented.  For a DVD rental, it is $20 per movie. The deposit is done as a hold on a major credit card at the time the equipment is picked up. This hold, or pending authorization, is released by InMotion Entertainment when the equipment is returned. The credit card companies then require ten days for the funds to be made available to you. Banks make the funds available to you by deleting this pending authorization from your account.

If you use a check card for the deposit, the full deposit amount is charged to your card when the equipment is picked up. When the equipment is returned, a credit is issued for the deposit amount, minus the rental fees. This credit typically takes three business days to be posted to your account.

Q: How can I contact one of your stores directly?

A: InMotion Entertainment is open 365 days a year. Please check our current locations to find the phone number and hours of operation for all of our stores.

Q: What if my flight is scheduled to arrive after hours or is delayed?

A: In those rare instances when flights arrive after hours, most InMotion Entertainment stores have a 24-drop box available to return rentals after the store is closed. You may also ship it back to us, for a nominal fee, using the prepaid UPS 2nd Day Air label included in each rental pack.

Q: How difficult is the equipment to use?

A: The equipment is very easy to use. So easy, in fact, that if you can turn on a CD player you are already ahead of the game. But even if you can't, there's still no problem because all InMotion rentals come with easy written instructions to follow. Simply turn the power on and press play.

Q: What types of movies do you stock?

A: InMotion stocks a wide variety of movies and new releases. We also dedicate a large portion of our inventory to family and children's films.

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