4 Scenic Places

You’ll Want to See This Summer

4 New Travel Hot Spots this Summer

Looking for a new adventure? Check out these three US, and one international hot spots innovating travel.


4 New Travel Hot Spots this Summer

By InMotion
June 21, 2018

Summer is finally here! After a long and brutal winter, you deserve some R&R. Get out of the house and explore the world! Traveling is a great way to de-stress and unwind. Why not check out some of these scenic places. Before you leave the airport and get on your way to your destination don’t forget to grab all of the tech you forgot at an InMotion store. Hopefully, this blog can fuel your drive to explore some natural beauty this summer.

Greenville, South Carolina

The city with a bit of everything

greenville sc
Image courtesy of cliffsliving

Greenville, South Carolina is beautiful; from waterfalls in huge national parks to museums and innovative distilleries, you’ll be sure to find something for you in this gorgeous area of South Carolina. Greenville is a great place to unwind and escape your responsibilities even if only for a few days.

Fall Parks on the Reedy

Image courtesy of pinterest

Located close to downtown this beautiful park features some of the best sights in South Carolina. Take a relaxing walk on the Liberty Bridge, a 345 ft long suspension bridge over the Reedy River. Falls Park is a great place to slow down and have a midday picnic or rent a bike and explore that way. Make sure your phone is nice and charged so you can take breathtaking pictures, with the Qmadix 4.8A Travel Kit w/Lightning Cable.  This travel kit features a 4.8A amp that turns any wall charger into a lightning-fast charging station.  The last thing you want to do on vacation is wait for your phone to charge, this travel kit will help to eliminate this problem. Don’t keep the beautiful scenery and fresh air waiting and go enjoy this beauty of Falls Park without worrying about your phone dying.

Brewery Tours

upstate craft beer
Image courtesy of upstatebusinessjournal

Greenville has a plethora of options when it comes to breweries. From craft beer to European-style lagers Greenville can surely satisfy your taste buds. Check out Tommy’s Creek if you’re looking for a great craft beer. Tommy’s has a little bit of everything from hoppy IPAs to pilsners and dopplebacks, I'm sure you’ll find something to quench your thirst.

If Tommy’s Creek isn’t quite your style you can check out Upstate Craft Beer.  Once you get to this brewery try the Black Cherry Cider, it’s rich amber color and full body truly represents a hard cider topped off with a sweet cherry finish. This cider is one one of the many delicious beers offered here.  

While you're enjoying your beer don’t forget to protect your phone with Qmadix C Series iPhoneX Case, with its sleek, form-fitting design that fits perfectly in your hand design and low profile you can protect your phone and not have to worry about it getting damaged.

Greenville is the perfect balance of a modern city with plenty of shopping options and entertainment coupled with the scenic landscape, Greenville is a great place if you want to experience a little bit of everything.

Walla Walla Valley, Washington

Get Walla Walla Wild

walla walla
image courtesy of downtownwallawalla

Washington is a vast and varied state with a little bit of everything you could want. Walla Walla Valley is just one of the examples of this. While you’re here check out the downtown area which features numerous museums, boutiques and cultural activities waiting to be explored. This location of Washington is rich with cultural attractions and beautiful vineyards with some tasty wine.

Fort Walla Walla Museum

fort walla walla
(image courtesy of )theclio

Fort Walla Walla Museum is an exciting and educational attraction for families and those interested in the Native American culture around the downtown location. The museum features a historic pioneer settlement, some beautiful gardens and 5 exhibit halls which feature thousands of cultural artifacts and rotating exhibits. In addition to these rotating exhibits, there are special events and programs at the museum all year around. The museum also features a store with historical books, Old-fashioned toys and crafts.

Wine Tours

Image result for Walla Walla Valley, Washington
Image courtesy of cameoheightsmansion

When you need a break from the kids you can retreat to Winery Tours in Walla Walla. These winery tours offer a personalized, unique, and fun experience to suit any of your drinking desires.  Let your taste buds explore both red and white wine and a rotating lunch menu of sandwiches and salads, all from local restaurants like the Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen. You can also enjoy your wine tasting worry-free with the Invisible First Defense Glass, which protects against both liquids and the grease on your fingertips ensuring your phone will be well protected from any spilled wine.

Portland, Oregon

The city for weirdos by weirdos

portland oregon
Image courtesy of visittheusa

Portland, Oregon is located north of Oregon and features some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country.  With Portland in such a close vicinity to many natural attractions, it’s hard to choose just which ones to go to, that’s where we come in.

Oregon Coast

Image courtesy of visittheoregoncoast

Located just north of Portland is the Oregon coast. A beautiful beach with some unique features, from the volcanic rock lining the cliff side to the mountains just behind it there are many sites to be seen here. More specifically check out the cobble beach and the supposedly haunted Yaquina head lighthouse right next to the beach in Newport, OR. There is also some unique wildlife here including sea lions and even bald eagles.

Powell’s City of Books

Image courtesy of powells

If shopping is more your thing you can go downtown and check out the largest independent bookstore in the world. The City of Books features over 3500 different sections so you’ll be sure to find something you are interested in. If exploring this bookstore seems daunting, don’t worry! The Powell’s City of Books offers guided tours of the store every Sunday.


Spice of The Caribbean

Image result for grenada
Image courtesy of grenadagrenadines

For a change of scenery, you can visit Grenada for some caribbean flare. Located north of Trinidad, South America, Grenada is a popular tourist locations that have some beautiful and relaxing attractions to keep your busy during your vacation. Here are a few attractions to get you started in Grenada.

Arab Baths

Image courtesy of fuertehoteles

Enjoy the cultural moors legacy of the Moors by checking out these waters to soak up the wisdom and purity that their culture valued so much. Moorish Baths were public buildings with many rooms all with different purposes,. Rooms such as the cold room, the hot room, and the warm room. These can help soothe you with their beautiful mosaics, sweet aromas and the water at various temperatures to get your blood flowing all throughout your body.  

The Albaicín

‍Image courtesy of Spainisculture

Visit the cobblestone roads and explore the traditional Spanish style buildings of the Albaicin  neighborhood. This beautiful area of Grenada has a great selection of stores and restaurants like Carmen Verde Luna to keep yourself busy should you get tired of exploring the town and it’s scenery.  While visiting these locations it’s important to have your wallet but it is more important that your wallet is an RFID Wallet. This wallet protects against identity and credits card fraud. This technology helps to block the radio waves that people can use to scan your cards through your wallet. RFID wallets are widely available and a must have for traveling. Traveling for vacation can be stressful, but it could be a bit less stress without the worry of your information being stolen.

In The End...

Traveling can be stressful, but InMotion can help you worry a bit less on your way back home from vacation with any tech you may need for the ride back. Is there something we missed? What are some of your favorite spots to visit during the summer? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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