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5 Hot Accessories to Get Your Heart Rate Pumping

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5 Hot Accessories to Get Your Heart Rate Pumping

By InMotion
February 27, 2018

This year, make sure your heart is as healthy as it can be!  February is American Heart Month, and there are countless ways to make sure you stay in shape and get your heart rate up.  The American Heart Association promotes this month to advocate for a healthier lifestyle, and exercise is always easier when you can listen to your favorite music or podcast.  You can be sure to find any of these electronics at any of the InMotion locations to help enhance your winter workout.

Get Your Steps In


Let’s start with the basics: the more steps you take, the better your heart will be. Utilizing a fitness tracker, such as the Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor will motivate you to boost your numbers to benefit your health. This includes shortening how long you sit and lengthening how long you stand. Other small adjustments to reach your target goal (usually around 10,000 steps) include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking the long route home, or circling the office a few times before returning to your desk.  The device comes in multiple colors and is designed to have a sleek watch face, ensuring you don’t sacrifice professional appearance for clunky fitness accessories.

Go for a Run


To take your routine a step up from just walking, you can jumpstart your heart rate by going for a brisk jog or a run in your local park.  While it is always annoying to struggle with tangled headphones wires, it is especially frustrating while running.  Instead of dealing with cords tugging at your phone or music player as your feet pound the pavement, opt for wireless earbuds such as the Jaybird Run In‑Ear Wireless Earbud Headphones to solve this problem.  These headphones charge quickly—jumping to a one-hour battery life in just five minutes—in case you find yourself pressed for time.  They are also sweat proof, and come with an array of grips to ensure the most secure and customized fit to your ear.

Get Outside


Aside from running, getting outside and into the fresh air in any way benefit your heart health.  These activities can range from hiking on local trails, swimming if you are fortunate to live in warm weather for the winter months, riding a bike, jumping rope, or even more extreme sports like rock climbing.  Pick up a pair of wireless headphones for any of these exercises, such as Jabra Elite Sport Tru-Wireless Earbuds.  These earbuds have an all-day battery life with their small charging case, so you will be prepared for however long—or however far—the trails take you.

Hit the Gym


If the February weather isn’t great, choose to work out inside instead, by hitting up your local gym or fitness club.  Again, wireless headphones can solve the problem of trying to lift weights with bothersome cords.  Another example is the Bose SoundSport FREE TrueWireless Earbud, which deliver great speaker sound quality to help drown out other people’s workouts in a crowded gym space.  You can easily take calls while you pound the treadmill or pause for a water break, making it unnecessary to completely disrupt your daily workout routine to run and grab your phone.

Workout at Home


Finally, you can always opt to work out in the comfort of your own home.  Without having to be polite to your fellow gym members, you can utilize a wireless speaker to blast music in your basement, your living room, or your back patio—wherever you choose to work out!  The JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great option, and since it’s waterproof, you can bring it with you to the bathroom for your post-workout shower.

Whether you are working out at home or taking your exercises outside, be sure to stay moving on a daily basis this month to keep your heart healthy.  Consider picking up a pair of these headphones, or speaker, at an InMotion store, today!


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