7 Things Millennials Know

About iPhones that You Don’t

7 iPhone Tips from Millennials You Need to Know

7 Surprising Ways Millennials Use iPhones to Streamline their Everyday Lives


7 iPhone Tips from Millennials You Need to Know

By InMotion
February 26, 2019

In the past few decades we have seen technology boom in the blink of an eye. Baby Boomers and Generation X have vivid memories of the first cell phones, the launch of Google, the uprising of Facebook, and more, oftentimes not noting how remarkably vital to everyday life these technologies would become by the 2010s. This rapid growth, for many of us, is too much to keep up with, but the truth of the matter is that our iPhones - which have had many updates and new features since their incipience in 2007 - are integral pieces of our lives. So how do we keep track of these features without going crazy? We take some advice from the kings and queens of the iPhone: millennials. Here the experts at InMotion - your go-to for travel needs and an airport apple store - we’re here to break down 7 of the best features on iPhones that you may not know about, brought to you by the minds of millennials.

Screen Recording

screen recording

Not only can you take pictures of your screen by screenshotting (pressing your power button and home button simultaneously), but you can also record video of your screen. This is great for sharing video you find online that cannot be saved and a variety of other clever uses. Once you add screen recording to your control center, you can easy take video of your screen by simply scrolling up once your phone is unlocked (here’s a video on how to do set up screen recording). This practical upgrade on the new iOS is something iPhone users have been waiting for for several years.

Screen Protection is a Must-Have

iPhone Screen Protector

iPhones, unfortunately, are not the most durable and rugged phones on the market. If you have a tendency to be a bit clumsy or consider yourself a bit of a butter fingers, having a good screen protector on your phone is vital for making sure your device is long-lasting. We at InMotion recommend the Zagg InvisibleShield GlassPlus-iPX/iPXS for its easy application and sensitive touch technology. This ultra-smooth and scratch-resistant screen protector is equipped with a precision surface finish and reinforced edges to be one of the most durable screen protectors on the market. The Zagg InvisibleShield GlassPlus-iPX/iPXS features Glass+ ion matrix technology for maximum shatter protection, meaning your screen will remain intact even through most drops and falls.

Increase Storage for Free with Google Photos

Google Photos

An excellent money-saving hack from millenials: you don’t need to purchase the phone with the largest storage or pay for iCloud storage every month. Google Photos allows you to store up to 15 GB for free, meaning you can make sure your precious photos are backed up -- and best of all, it’s super easy to transfer images to your computer from Google Photos. To use Google Photos on your iPhone, you must download the Google Photos app. From the app, you can select photos from your phone to backup and sync -- easy as pie.

FaceTime with Multiple People at Once

Group Facetime

The days of only being able to FaceTime one person at a time are over. With iOS12, apple users are able to join Group FaceTime with up to 31 other people (that’s one heck of a virtual family reunion). To create a Group FaceTime, open your FaceTime App and begin adding up to 31 people who use either an iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, or MacBook (all users must also have iOS12 or later). As friends answer, you’ll be able to see all of their faces while engaging in a conversation. Arguably, this may be easier than having a 32-person conversation in person.

Wireless Headphones Free Your Hands

Skullcandy Wireless Headphones

Though your iPhone has a pair of apple headphones include in the box, true music fans often invest in a high-quality pair of headphones with additional features. Right now, noise-canceling headphones - headphones that use technology to actively block outside and ambient noise - are popular among millennials as well as older generations. The Skullcandy Venue Active Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones are the perfect headphones for delivering crisp sound and freedom to move freely while listening. Connecting to your iPhone through Bluetooth, these headphones remove wires from your listening experience so you can listen to your favorite music while moving around working or completing household chores. The Skullcandy Venue Active Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones have 24 hours of battery life on a single charge and are designed with super-soft ear cushions for long-term listening and comfort.

Apple Pay & Money Apps Allow for Easy Spending

Apple Pay

As an easy alternative to carrying around debit and credit cards on busy days, Millennials streamline their lives using iPhone features like Apple Pay and cash apps like Venmo and Zelle. Apple Pay can be set up with a few simple steps, allowing you to pay for goods at a variety of stores and restaurants with a tap. Additionally, millennials utilize cash apps like Venmo and Zelle to quickly send money to one another for free, removing the need to carry cash in most social situations and making it easier to split the bill when necessary.

Save Battery on Low Power Mode

Save Battery iPhone

A chief complaint from many iPhone users is a short battery life. In newer models, Apple has introduced longer-lasting and more efficient batteries, but many older iPhone models still lack the stamina to last an entire day. Something iPhone users can do to combat this issue is switch to Low Power Mode, which turns off battery-sucking feature like background app refresh, mail fetch, and Hey Siri until your iPhone can be charged again. To turn on Low Power Mode, go to Settings > Battery > Toggle the switch for Low Power Mode.


If you’re still looking for a more reliable battery, try out a portable power bank like the myCharge HubMini 3350mAh w/lightning and micro USB cables. Compatible with your iPhone or an Android device, this mini power bank goes wherever you do for easy charging when you need it. With the ability to hold up to 2x your phone battery and charge 50% faster than competitors, the myCharge HubMini 3350mAh power bank is great for traveling or day to day use

Millennials - having been raised in a booming technological age - have the best iPhone hacks figured out. Luckily, the travel tech experts at InMotion - your stand-in for an airport Apple store - is here to help you learn how to use your iPhone like a pro. For professional help finding the tech accessories you need, stop in at InMotion. Our associates are always happy to answer your questions or provide you with a free demo of the best tech for your needs.

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