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AfterShokz: I Can Feel It In My Bones

AfterShokz 's sound conductive technology sets their headphones apart


AfterShokz: I Can Feel It In My Bones

By InMotion
April 26, 2018

The solution to staying aware while listening to music may be in bone-conducting technologies. Get this: you can actually “listen” to music with your bones. Bone conduction devices use the bones of your face (cheekbones and jawbones) to transmit music to your inner ear. Beethoven used to listen to music using his jawbones when he was basically deaf, so the concept of bone conduction isn’t new. However, headphones that let users listen with their bones are relatively new.

AfterShokz specializes in bone conduction technology, and one of their most popular headphones is the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones. Always up-to-date with the latest audio technologies, InMotion has reviewed the Trekz Titanium’s special features and usability.

trekz titanium
Image courtesy of AfterShokz

The Trekz Titanium’s lightweight body is flexible and secure enough to wrap comfortably around the user’s head. Ideal for athletes, they’re dust and moisture-resistant so that they remain undamaged from both sweat and weather. You can run, jump, and explore freely with continuous music for up to 6 hours. They are the bone-conducting alternative to traditional sports headphones.

However, Trekz Titanium can be both a fitness and business accessory. Not only do these headphones include the convenient calling features typical of Bluetooth headsets, but they clarify your voice by eliminating surrounding noise from your calls. You can also program your headset to respond to voice control for the maximum hands-free experience.

How will listening to music on-the-go affect me?

In general, music affects us down to a neurological level. Genre, rhythm and the presence of lyrics all play a part in the effect. For example, music without lyrics can help retain information and focus while working. While using Trekz Titanium as a fitness accessory, listening to an upbeat workout playlist can encourage you to unconsciously move faster.

Why use bone conduction headphones?

The main advantage of bone conduction headphones is wireless, open-ear technology. Users could hear their surroundings and stay tangle-free while still listening to music. However, if you’re hearing impaired, you may also benefit from bone conduction because of the decoupling of the eardrum from the headphones.

aftershokz headphones

What’s the advantage of Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is an increasingly available feature that is low-power, affordable and easy to use. The benefits of Bluetooth include hands-free, cordless listening for a potentially less restrictive and more comfortable experience. As a Class 2 Bluetooth technology, Trekz Titanium could pair devices up to 33 feet apart. The headphones also come equipped with Bluetooth 4.1--the most advanced is Bluetooth 5, which is not many versions ahead. Trekz Titanium could connect to two devices at once, but a user could only use one connection at a time and will have to switch between the two connections.

What about the Trekz Air?

Trekz Air is the newest Aftershokz headset and descendant of the Trekz Titanium. The main difference between the two of them is the weight and headband design. Trekz Air is specifically designed to be lightweight with an even thinner headband for a barely-there feeling. However, Trekz Titanium and Trekz Air share similar features such as ear-free listening and Bluetooth, so if either one will provide you the open-ear, hands-free experience for increased safety and comfort. Your tastes will determine which headset is best for you.

Whether you’re searching for ear-free headphones or a wireless fitness accessory, InMotion can help you find your fit.

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