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Philadelphia Airport

All You Need to Know about the Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia has more than it seems!


All You Need to Know about the Philadelphia International Airport

By InMotion
August 23, 2017

Welcome to the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), where it’s safe to say that we are #ProudlyPHL. Just 7 miles from downtown Philly, the airport is conveniently located near many tourist sites, business centers, and cultural hubs.

PHL sets the example for airports that are boosting the economy, helping the environment, and showcasing wonderful, east coast, artistic talent. Self-sustaining without using any local tax dollars, PHL generates $15.4 billion to the economy and accounts for 96,300 full-time jobs annually.

Don’t forget to come say hello at InMotion while you enjoy your stay and take in the culture at the airport. We’re here to answer all of your traveler tech needs!

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Art at the Airport?

Bask in the Beauty and Culture to Turn Your Business Trip into a Vacation

Starting in 1998, the PHL features the stunning and classy Art Exhibition Program, showing off over 300 exhibits of work from artists all around the Philadelphia area. As an award-winning initiative, this program gives travelers a sneak peek into the exquisite culture of Philadelphia.

Enjoy the calming comfort of the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphones while you listen to your music and appreciate the art and culture of Philadelphia. With active noise cancellation, you won’t get distracted, giving you the freedom to get fully lost in the art.

If the “Movies Made in Philadelphia” exhibit got you in the mood for movies, use the 360 Electrical QuickLink HDMI cable to hook up your device to your TV in your hotel room and watch your favorite movies. The cable is 6 feet long, slim, and gold plated, making it convenient and durable for the traveler’s lifestyle.

You Can’t Visit Philly Without Having a Cheesesteak

Geno’s Steaks is the Home of the Original, Famous Philly Cheesesteak

In 1966, Philly native Joey Vento started Geno’s from practically nothing. Thanks to his thinly-sliced, high qualit steak, Geno’s is a popular fixture downtown, and is now located right in Terminal B. Lucky for you, you get to enjoy the famous Philly cheesesteak without having to leave the airport.

Uh oh, it looks like you spent too much time enjoying your snack and now you’re behind on schedule! Well thanks to the Jaybird X3 Sport Wireless In-Ear Headphones, you can catch up on all of your phone calls wirelessly while you run to catch your plane. Don’t worry about breaking a sweat while you sprint down the terminal, because these bad boys are totally sweatproof.

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We’ve got your back!

Since the summer is winding down, take advantage of the pool time while you still got it. House of Marley’s Get Together Speakers are great for turning the final swims into awesome summer-ending pool parties. Grab one on your way home when you swing through the PHL.

With multiple locations in PHL, we’ve got your back when you need to revive your phone, get better headphones, or just need some expert tech advice.

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