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AR Technology Steals The Show At Apple WWDC

AR is the future, and Apple knows it!


AR Technology Steals The Show At Apple WWDC

By InMotion
July 12, 2018
Credit to Apple

This year’s annual World Wide Developer’s Conference, one of Apple’s biggest events, showed us some new directions Apple is heading in for its existing products. While noticeably lacking any dramatic hardware reveals, there were several exciting updates to some Apple software packages, like a new AR development kit for iOS and some updated security features for Mac.

There are some speculations that the software-focus was a response to Google’s recent I/O conference that blew everyone away with some innovative updates to their OS, in particular the new phone-addiction settings that closely mirror Google’s digital wellbeing technology ideology. However, InMotion knows that this was more than just a distant echo of Google’s (equally enticing) software conference: there were some important updates to their technology that was unique to Apple’s product line, like watchOS 5 and FaceTime innovations.

We talk about what we thought was most important below, but we’re excited to hear what you think about everything! And along the way we’ve got awesome products and accessories that you can take a look at, because we know that there’s nothing that beats the satisfaction of a product you can actually hold.

AR Takeover

Move Over, Real World: Augmented Reality Is The New King.

‍Credit The Verge
Credit The Verge

If you haven’t heard of AR technology, you might already be using it without even realizing: “Pokemon Go” is actually a great example of this new technology that blends the virtual and the real world, and its applications are being recognized for their true potential for the first time. AR stands for Augmented Reality, and it’s a method of inserting digital graphics and displays into the real physical environment through mediums like smartphones that have cameras. There are truly exciting potentials for this technology, where some people think that it can even spell the end of smartphones if all of your digital information is simply beamed directly into your eyes through a display overlay (or even into your brain). For now though, Apple is making big strides by creating ARKit 2.0. One of the wildest features is the ability to share an augmented reality environment with other people, allowing you and your friends, business partners, or whoever you desire, to share in an AR experience together (the experience they demonstrated was playing with a virtual LEGO construction with two different smartphones).

Old Headphones, New Phone

Give your old tech new life with this convenient adapter

While you’re utilizing all of this amazing new AR technology, you can use the nifty lightning to 3.5mm hp jack adaptor  listen to music even if your headphones don’t use the lightning connector! A crucial accessory with Apple’s decision to remove the normal headphone ports, this piece of technology will ensure that you can still use your trusty pair of headphones anywhere you go. There are even a couple of models that have extra features, like adaptors that have a port for another lightning cable, allowing you to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. A word of warning: if you have a bulkier case, like an OtterBox, there’s a chance that some of these won’t be able to fit in the tiny space that’s left where you would plug it into the phone, so make sure you can test it out before you purchase.

All The Music, None Of The Hassle

Let the future draw you in with earpods featuring the new lightning connector cable

Credit MyIstore

Truth be told, Apple’s Wireless AirPods reduce much of the hassle of listening to music or making phone calls. Designed with the classic ipod earpod look and feel, they’re quite comfortable, and truly deliver on their audio experience. If you don’t like getting tied down to any specific pair of headphones, or you’ve been a free agent in the headphone department until now, these are a great choice for adapting to the new status quo when it comes to the iPhone.

Stylish, Dependable, Incredibly Convenient

This case makes it a breeze to carry airpods anywhere you go

Unfortunately, due to their small size AirPods are particularly susceptible to being lost and/or forgotten. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, then a rugged carrying case like the waterproof Catalyst AirPod Case could increase your luck. Luckily, if you’re prone to losing carrying cases themselves, this one has a carabiner attached so you can easily attach it to your pants. If you’re somehow misplacing your pants in your travels, then you might have bigger problems to deal with.

Magnetic Magic

Believe us, this stuff actually works, and it’s awesome

With all of the cool new watchOS 5 updates unveiled at the developer’s conference, we felt that the Apple Watch Magnetic Cable 1m  was the perfect companion to all of your Apple Watch needs. Induction chargers will never cease to fascinate, and with the ease of simply attaching a magnet to the back of your phone there really doesn’t seem to be a simpler way to get the charge you need.

Not Your Ordinary Pencil

The only writing utensil you’ll ever want to use from now on

The versatile Apple pencil for ipad pro is a stylus for your iPad, but as we’re sure you know it functions as much more than a simple pencil. It can write notes, draw, edit documents and photos, and more, allowing you to interact with your machine in ways that using your fingers simply doesn’t allow. It’s interesting how using what appears to be an homage to a simpler technology (the pencil) can actually transform your digital platform into a much more versatile and useful product. Look at us, waxing poetic. Styluses do that to you.

A Leather Suit For Your Companion

If it’s style you want, then style you shall receive

We doubt that back in the mid 2000’s people ever thought that leather was going to be associated with smartphones: now that we’ve seen how good it looks with our own eyes, it makes us glad that someone put these two elements together. The iPhone X Leather Case is Saddle Brown is styled to perfection for the power executive like you.

Transfer Pictures In A Flash

You’ll have pictures on your phone sooner than it took to take the picture

Credit Systematix Media

For those serious about their photographic pursuits, the lightning/usb3 camera adapter is  handy add-on will greatly simplify transferring your pieces from the camera to your phone. With the ability to read data off of SD and Micro SD readers, this adaptor can move your pictures to your phone in a flash, and with the added bonus of a USB port it can also support other peripherals for your iPad and iPhone too. The more things you can connect together, the better.

A Classic Look, A Consistent Delivery

We’re sure you see these everywhere you go: here’s why

‍Credit McSteve Online
Credit McSteve Online

Maybe one day humanity will store chargers in museums as relics of an ancient past, but in the here and now, at the end of the day, we’re still completely dependent on chargers for our devices. The fast charging 87W USB-C MacBook power adapter can get your MacBook up and ready just in time to install some of the fantastic new security updates unveiled at the WWDC!

That’s our take on the WWDC and the incredible announcement of this AR technology. The future sure looks bright (and digitally augmented), and we can’t wait to start playing around with the possibilities.

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