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Bask in the Grit of Samsung’s Advanced ANC Headphones

Life is busy, but Samsung can keep up.


Bask in the Grit of Samsung’s Advanced ANC Headphones

By InMotion
September 13, 2017

Escape the unwanted, ambient noise of our fast-paced world with the hottest active-noise canceling headphones. Samsung’s Advanced ANC Headphones will keep you motivated while you’re either in the gym, at work or just on the move. The highly portable design and the innovative ear-wing tips with ample comfort will provide the most secure fit as you kick the stress of the daily grind. Stop by your nearest InMotion store to try them on and wallow in the utmost durability and luxury.

‍Top Notch Sound

Upgrade your music listening experience  

The Advanced ANC Headphones detect external commotion with the help of four built-in microphones on both the right and left side, giving you phenomenal noise reduction. Each individual has a unique ear shape and these headphones deliver optimized sound by detecting in-ear sound and noise by using the microphone sensors. With customized sound, the way you listen to music will never be the same again and you’ll never settle for less than the best with this sweet gadget.

Triple Threat & Talk-in Mode

Features that are second to none

Showing off the triple-layered diaphragm speakers, the Advanced ANC Headphones deliver clear mid- and high-range audio and a dominating bass. You never have to interrupt your music by simply activating your talk-in mode that allows you to listen to your music and surrounding sounds at the same time. How do they do it? By mixing sound inputs using separate circuits for your music and the external mics!  No matter the genre you prefer, you can now immerse yourself in a world of dynamic, balanced sound.

Don’t forget to swing by InMotion and pick up Samsung’s Advanced ANC Headphones for when you’re on the move! What playlist will you be listening to?

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