Make This Year’s Spring Break

Your Best One Yet

Celebrate Spring Break In Style With These Hot Deals

Make This Year’s Spring Break Your Best Yet With Savings On Bose and Samsung


Celebrate Spring Break In Style With These Hot Deals

By InMotion
March 17, 2022

For many college students, spring break is finally here! Whether you’re headed to the beach or are flying home to spend time with the fam, we’ll help you stay comfortable and save money in the process. For a limited time, we have deals for DAYS on some of our fav Bose and Samsung products—keep reading for more info on how you can score major savings in InMotion Stores.

Jam Out To Your Fav Songs During Spring Break With Bose Gear

closeup of a woman taking a break during her run on the beach with the Bose Sport TW Earbuds

The only thing madder than March Madness is the CRAZY good deals we’re having in InMotion stores right now. For a limited time, you can save up to $60 on select Bose products to stay relaxed and comfortable no matter where your spring break takes you.

Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone knows that great music will take ANY party to the next level—let’s make sure you have a sweet speaker to keep the tunes going all night long during your spring break trip. With the Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker, not only can you stream your fav playlists for the whole friend group, but you can also save $20 when you purchase in InMotion Stores. Between the state-of-the-art sound quality and long-lasting battery, you can dance till the sun comes up every single night.

Bose QuietComfort True Wireless Earbuds

When it comes to traveling, comfort should always be your number one priority. Choosing something that’s also stylish never hurt anyone, though. That’s why we’re currently obsessed with Bose’s QuietComfort True Wireless Earbuds. Designed for all-day wear, you’ll look fly and stay comfortable on the way to your spring break destination. Plus, you can save $60 when you swing by an InMotion store before your flight, too.

Bose Sport True Wireless Earbuds

Staying fit can still be a priority even when you’re on the go—ESPECIALLY when you own the Bose Sport True Wireless Earbuds. With a secure and comfortable fit, they’re the perfect headphones for a morning beach jog or late-night hotel gym sesh. To make them even sweeter, we’ll take $20 off this powerful product to make your spring break unforgettable.

Bose Sleepbuds II

While partying it up during spring break is fun, resting from classes and extracurriculars is important, too. Whether you’re vacationing on the beach or in a brand new city, the Bose Sleepbuds II will block out all unwanted noise so that you can sleep anywhere, anytime. Even better? You can save $50 on these comfortable buds during our one day only sale going on TODAY! Don’t forget to stop in—you don’t want to miss this deal!

Save Money and Travel Comfortably With Samsung Galaxy Buds

a product photo of the 5 different Samsung Galaxy Buds Live colors

We believe that you can’t go wrong with a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds when you’re traveling for spring break—they’re perfect for parties, downtime, and even workout sessions. Plus, when we said deals on deals, we meant it.  For a limited time, you can receive up to $70 OFF select pairs when you shop in InMotion stores.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Starting your spring break off on a relaxing note is crucial for a great vacation. How do we suggest winding down from academics? With the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, of course. Being able to fully immerse yourself into your fav movies and shows on the way to your destination allows you to kick back and relax while you travel. Not to mention, we slashed $50 off this powerful travel accessory’s price for a limited time!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Not only are these buds great for long flights and Uber rides, but their never-before-seen ergonomic design will keep you looking stylish during your entire vacation. The best part is that you can save $70 on these fashionable travel earbuds when you stop by an InMotion store today.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

If you’re anything like us, staying in touch and sharing daily updates with our fam while we’re on vacation is important. With the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, keeping up is a breeze with two high-quality microphones and excellent speakers so you can hear AND speak well. Plus, you’ll save $20 when you buy these powerful buds in one of our stores.

No matter where you’re headed for spring break, we have you covered with a variety of different brands and deals. Ready to find your new favorite travel accessory just in time for your upcoming trip? Stop by your nearest InMotion store today to learn more about these fun and exciting travel products.

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