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Celebrate the Earth with House of Marley

Check out how House of Marley is helping the environment with ever headphone purchase


Celebrate the Earth with House of Marley

By InMotion
April 19, 2018

Are you looking to get a new headphone or speaker with excellent quality while helping the environment in the lead up to Earth Day? Then InMotion has some suggestions for you! House of Marley is a brand that has amazing products, but even better is that they’re helping give back to the world! With every purchase House of Marley donates to One Tree Planted to support reforestry. They’ve planted 50,000 trees to date, and you can help that number grow! So if you’re looking to do some good while also getting those new headphones you need, consider checking out House of Marley.

If House of Marley sounds familiar, it’s probably because of Bob Marley. House of Marley is his family’s way of honoring his legacy. They’re determined to build the beautiful today and tomorrow that he dreamed of.

Although we would happily recommend any of their products, here are some of our favorites here at InMotion.

Uplift 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Uplift 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Image used courtesy of House of Marley

House of Marley’s dedication to helping the environment doesn’t stop with their work with One Tree Planted. Their Uplift 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are made from recycled materials, and they have a great, rustic look. Don’t worry about audio quality despite their unorthodox materials: these headphones sound utterly amazing. Playback is crisp and sharp, which is all the more impressive since they’re so small.

They’re also incredibly portable, and great for doing things like cleaning, so you can leave your phone on the other side of the room to charge while your headphones are good for another ten hours (did we mention how good their battery life is?). Plus, their earbud design is ergonomic and they don’t tend to fall out, making them great for when you’re on the go as well.

Other features include:

  • An integrated microphone for any calls you need to make
  • FSC certified wood
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity
  • Tangle-free cables

Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones

Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones

House of Marley has done it again with their Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones. It was hard to believe they would manage to improve on the original Positive Vibrations, but of course, they did. These headphones are comfortable and last for twelve hours, so once you put them on you’re ready to go all day! And if you’re one of those busy people who needs more than twelve hours of listening time for your busy day, they come with a cable so you can keep listening as long as you’d like.

This makes them perfect for airplanes. With their cable and the fact that they have no sound leakage, you can listen for your entire flight without annoying your neighbor (or giving them the chance to talk to you if you aren’t in the mood). Plus, they fold up so you can easily pop them into your carry on when you’re done listening.

Some of their other great features are:

  • An in-line remote control that lets you skip songs, pause your podcast or answer calls without having to take them off
  • A removable and tangle-free braided cable
  • Good sound quality with evenly matched treble and bass
  • An integrated microphone for any calls you need to make

Get Together Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Get Together Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker really lives up to the hype. It’s small and super light, thanks to its lithium-ion batteries. Don’t be fooled by its size though: this speaker is easily able to fill a room with music.

Get Together Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Image used courtesy of House of Marley

As always, House of Marley has thought of pretty much everything. This speaker’s battery lasts for ten hours, and if your phone can’t keep up with that, you can easily plug it into the speaker to get it charged up. This speaker is great for if you’re on the go and want to play music at a friend’s apartment, or at a work party, but it’s also great for a relaxing evening at home where you just want to sit back, relax, and listen to some of your favorite music.

Some impressive other features:

  • A USB charging cord and a cord for auxiliary input
  • The ability to pair two together for stereo sound
  • The ability to recognize voice prompts
  • A bamboo faceplate

Celebrate Earth Day (and the Earth in general!) with House of Marley! InMotion is happy to help you choose the best House of Marley product for your lifestyle.


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