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Enhance your Winter Family Vacation with these Electronics

Family vacations are good, but lets make it great.


Enhance your Winter Family Vacation with these Electronics

By InMotion
December 6, 2017

Are you heading on a family vacation to escape the dreary fall weather? You’re probably going to need some new electronics to optimize your travel experience. Luckily, InMotion has you covered with plenty of electronics to keep the entire family entertained while traveling and exploring your destination.

Keep your family vacation memories alive with GoPro

Home videos are a staple of everyone’s family trip. Whether it’s a video of you and your sister bickering in the back seat, riding waves on your boogie board or a family hike, you’re going to want something that’s user-friendly and durable while you’re making memories with the family. Luckily, GoPro’s HERO6 is easy to use, with a simple touch based user interface. It can also transfer videos directly to your phone or tablet, skipping out on the normally complicated file transfer process.


The camera is also extremely durable, able to survive most falls, spills and dips in the ocean. The HD quality video will have you and the entire family reminiscing to more relaxed times for years to come.

Stay charged with ReTrak

A dead battery can ruin any family vacation. Have no fear, InMotion carries a large assortment of ReTrak products, including portable chargers, car chargers and universal notebook chargers. It’s never been easier or more convenient to charge your electronics while on the move.


Chances are, you and your parents have different brands or electronics. No problem at all. ReTrak’s notebook chargers, like the Retractable 90 Watt Universal Notebook charger, comes with 10 interchangeable adapter tips, making compatibility no problem at all. This means you can charge your dad’s work laptop from 1996 and then your computer by simply changing out the tip.

Make and store memories with a Samsung Galaxy tablet

Tablets are becoming a must have for family vacations. They’re more portable than a laptop but provide just as much, if not more, entertainment. You can use them for directions, checking out what restaurants to try or watching a movie to pass the time while en route to your destination.


Samsung is one of the leaders in the tablet industry, with products like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. The Galaxy Tab A will keep traveling kids quiet in the backseat for hours, playing games and watching movies. It is also great for taking a viewing pictures. Now you can have your camera, editing suite and photo album all in one. You can also snap videos in HDR quality, a rarity for most tablets.

You shouldn’t have any worries while traveling, especially with your electronics. So stop by InMotion for everything you need for a relaxing family vacation.


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