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Everything Travelers Need to Know About the New Apple Launch

New Phones, Apple Watch, iPad, and Services in the September 2019 Apple Launch


Everything Travelers Need to Know About the New Apple Launch

By InMotion
September 19, 2019

Each time Apple releases a new product, the world anticipates a collection of new groundbreaking features and the announcement of ‘the next big thing’ in tech. On September 10th, 2019, Apple announced its new products and services in a Keynote presentation that showcased exciting innovation from Apple’s engineers. Featuring the iPhone 11 series, a new Apple watch, a refreshed entry-level iPad, and more announcements on Apple TV+ and Arcade, the September keynote surpassed our expectations. But what great features can you expect from these new products, and what do these features mean for you as a traveler? InMotion is here to break it down for you.

The iPhone 11 Series

Two Competitively Priced New Phones in 3 Sizes

iphone 11 inmotion

In the Keynote, Apple announced the iPhone 11 Series. The series features the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro, which comes in the regular and max size. One of the biggest new features is the advanced photo and video quality on both phones. Both phones feature high-quality 4K 12mp cameras and new advanced video editing capabilities. The iPhone 11 Pro features a total of 4 cameras - one selfie camera and 3 in the front - which allow for up to 4x zoom for more impressive, awe-inspiring photo capabilities. With this, you’ll be able to capture the highest quality photo and video of every adventure and edit them on the spot for sharing with friends and family.

Another great advancement introduced on the iPhone 11 Series is the A13 Bionic chip - the fastest smartphone chip of all time. The chip features two new machine learning accelerators on the CPU run matrix that allows for six times faster computations and the ability to perform over one trillion operations per second. This power doesn’t force you to sacrifice power, either, because the A13 Bionic chip used less power than ever before. 

beats powerbeats pro inmotion

Depending on the model, the phones in the iPhone 11 Series provide 4-5 hours more battery life than ever before. With this, you’ll be able to rely on your phone lasting through airport layovers, hours of streaming your favorite media, and every adventure you set out on. And best yet -- the new chip allows you to connect two pairs of Airpods or Beats by Dr. Dre headphones - like Powerbeats Pro - at once and share your favorite music with others. Powerbeats Pro are the newest Beats headphones designed for people on the go. Designed with the Apple H1 Chip for advanced connectivity, 9 hours of battery life, and Fast Fuel technology for rapid charging, Powerbeats Pro are the perfect headphones to go with your new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro. See if Powerbeats Pro are the right headphones for you by trying them out at an InMotion store while traveling.

While traveling, rest assured that the iPhone 11 Series has your back. Both phones are designed to be water-resistant and spill-resistant, and the iPhone 11 Pro is now rated IP68 water-resistant for more peace of mind than ever before. Also, built with a stronger glass and durable materials, the ‘naked iPhone’ look is more possible than ever before.

Apple Watch Series 5

A Refreshed Apple Watch with New Designs and Features

apple watch series 5 inmotion

Following suit with new features on the iPhone 11 Series, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 5. One of the biggest breakthroughs from Series 5 includes a display that never sleeps. Now more ‘watch-like’ than ever, your primary display screen - which has a bunch of new designs to choose from - stays on so you can always check the time, your activity loops, and more. New designs for the Apple Watch Series 5 include aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic watches and a plethora of new bands that you can use to show your personality. 

This refreshed design doesn’t work alone, though. New features like a detailed menstrual tracking app and noise alerts for potentially harmful situations help you maintain your physical health in a more user-friendly way than ever before. Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 5 now includes a compass and elevation tracker so adventurers can use their watch for navigation and adventure-tracking while traveling. Additionally, the ability to use Apple pay right from your watch allows travelers to carry less with them while ensuring modern convenience is at their fingertips -- or at least only a few inches away.

The New iPad

The Most Versatile iPad Yet

new ipad and apple pencil inmotion

The new iPad brings more features than ever before onto the world’s favorite tablet. The 10.2-inch retina display allows for crystal-clear graphics and bright, vibrant colors that transform your user experience. The new iPad supports a full-size smart keyboard, allowing users to use their iPad’s features much like a full-sized laptop while still benefiting from the features of a tablet. 

Taken to the next level using the Apple Pencil (2nd Generation), users can now create stunning art, doodle, take notes, and annotate directly on PDFs with ease. The Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) delivers pixel-perfect precision and industry-leading low latency, creating the perfect experience for students, business travelers, and the traveling writer who want an easy and compact way to keep their minds busy while on the go. These capabilities combined with all-day battery life provides travelers with the perfect iPad for keeping with them and ensuring they’re always productive. Best of all, you can snag an Apple Pencil at InMotion while traveling at the biggest airports across the United States.

Apple TV+ and Arcade

New Subscription Services from Apple are Ready to Launch

Apple Arcade InMotion

Back in the March keynote, Apple announced Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade: two subscription-based services that people could not wait to get their hands on. The September Keynote announced the official launch date of both services, in-depth trailers for each product, and a competitive $4.99 monthly fee for both products. 

Apple TV+ promises users a series of Apple originals with ad-free watching for up to 6 family members. All shows are able to be downloaded and streamed offline, keeping travelers connected with their favorite shows on long flights or when traveling in low-connectivity areas. Arcade - the gaming service with games created by the brightest minds in development - rolls out September 19th, 2019 and is set to provide users with 100+ new games. All games are available ad-free and offline for the traveler looking to stay connected and stimulated amidst their longest journeys.

Apple 18W usbc power adapter InMotion

Make sure you’re always in charge of your games and favorite shows with an extra Apple 18W USB-C Power Adapter. Available at InMotion, the Apple 18W USB-C Power Adapter ensures your favorite USB-C-compatible Apple products are able to stay charged on the go in the case of a forgotten charger or unexpected layover.

The new Apple announcements have brought excitement to the tech and travel world alike, and we can’t wait to see the possibilities that these new products create. While traveling, stop in at InMotion for the perfect accessories for all your Apple products - including chargers, Beats headphones, and more - that keep you moving while on the go.

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