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Everything you Need for the Best 4th of July Celebration

Be prepared this 4th of July with our tech guide.


Everything you Need for the Best 4th of July Celebration

By InMotion
July 3, 2018

July is almost here and that means it's time to defrost some hamburgers, de-gunk the grill, and debate with yourself if you can still pull off that American flag crop-top. July 4th may not be one of the big-ticket holidays like Christmas, but you can at least be assured that its unique mixture of over-the-top patriotism and consumer-grade explosives will be worth showing up for. Whether you choose to enjoy America’s Independence Day poolside, lakeside, oceanside, or couchside, you’ll still need supplies, and we don’t mean bratwursts and M-80s. A little technology applied in the right places can bolster anyone’s 4th of July plans, and InMotion has all the right tech to upgrade your summer.

Arrive Early, Stay Late, Pack a Full Bag

The BBQ is freshest early and the fireworks are brightest late.

This one may be a no-brainer but it bears repeating, if you’re planning to venture out for the 4th, timing is critical. Whether you’re taking in a baseball game, enjoying local fireworks displays, or exploring the great outdoors with family and friends, you should prepare for a long haul. That means sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and so much more.

There’s definitely supplies unique to your plans that we haven’t mentioned, so take some time to give it thought. There’s always something to kick yourself over not having, and you’ll thank yourself for packing in advance.

A vital part of packing is going to mean corralling all your chargers and assorted miscellaneous wires together where they’ll clutter up the bottom of your bag and keep you from reaching what you need, all while getting frayed and old in the process. Why not rid yourself of this problem with a Thule Subterra Powershuttle travel case? Spacious enough to carry the whole family’s chargers and cables, but compact enough to fit in a larger bag, the Powershuttle provides the ideal combination of durability and organizational capacity for anyone on the go this Independence Day.

Got toddlers? Maybe bring some band-aids, disinfectant and don’t forget the wipes.  

Heading to the ballpark? Bring a glove, players are often willing to sign autographs and throw balls to fans during pre-game batting practice.  River-rafting? Water skiing? Bring some bug spray, you’ll feel sticky when you put it on but that’s preferable to feeling itchy six hours later.

A long haul means a long time in between cell phone charges, and you may have a hard time locating an outlet in the great outdoors. Maybe you’re the sort of person for whom a dead phone is a blessing in disguise, a break from the stresses of your professional life. That’s understandable, but no one wants to have to sort through a whole day’s worth of messages after you’ve gotten home. So why not equip yourself with a mophie charge force powerstation?

The charge force is completely wireless thanks to next-generation Qi wireless charging technology, and is capable of charging two devices at once. Just place your juice pack wireless or Qi enabled smartphone on top and push the button to start charging. Having everyone’s devices charged and ready to go makes for a smooth car ride home after your chosen Independence day festivities.

Block Out the Boom

A good pair of headphones can be just the antidote to late-night fireworks.

Independence Day celebrations rarely stop right when the clock strikes midnight on the 5th of July. If you’re anything like us you can remember struggling to get to sleep while someone three blocks over was setting off their 12th round of bottle rockets at 2 in the morning, wrapping your head in your pillow to try and cushion the noise. Pillows are soft, but far from soundproof. You’d probably have better luck with any of the great lineup of noise-suppressing headphones from InMotion.

Whether you opt for the Shure Wireless SE535 with its functional design built for your lifestyle, the sheer sonic power of the Plantronics BackBeat GO 600 Wireless Headphones, or the purpose-built functionality of the Bose noise-masking Sleepbuds you’ll find yourself sleeping through even the heaviest of festive artillery barrages.

...And the Home of the Brave

This 4th of July why not slow down for a bit and spend some time celebrating with the people that make up your little slice of America? InMotion will be here at your next travel destination to help with all your tech needs when you’re ready to speed back up again.

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