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the New Apple AirTags

Everything You Need to Know About the New Apple AirTags

Never Lose Your Personal Belongings Again With This New Tech Accessory


Everything You Need to Know About the New Apple AirTags

By InMotion
June 21, 2021

In April, Apple announced their brand new AirTags—a small, convenient token-shaped product that can help you locate lost items and keep track of personal belongings. They feature a light and compact design at an affordable price. Even if you’re not a forgetful person, these are the perfect item for any avid traveler. Plus, the days of tearing a room apart to find your keys can be long gone with a quick purchase. In this blog, we’ll be talking about everything you should know before buying Apple’s new AirTags.

What's an AirTag?

Diving Into Apple’s New Product

closeup of a man setting up an AirTag

We’ve all been there—placing our hand into an empty pocket where our wallet should be. With Apple AirTags, the stomach-dropping adrenaline rush of a lost wallet doesn’t have to happen anymore. Instead, iPhone users can simply track their Tags through the Find My app. By simply placing an AirTag into your wallet beforehand, you’ll never have to retrace your steps in a panic to find your personal belongings ever again. The best part? These small, stylish tokens can be placed on anything to track its location: keys, bags, passport wallets, and even pets.

This tech accessory is crucial for any travel experience—there’s nothing worse than losing important information and items during a trip away from home. Instead of stressing about the possibility of forgetting items, you can kick back and enjoy your summer travels. Plus, in the worst case scenario, you can easily track your lost item!

How do AirTags Work?

Finding Any Belonging From Anywhere

extreme close up of an AirTag being placed into a leather bag

AirTags don’t use any kind of cellular connectivity, but rather a secure Bluetooth connection to communicate with your iPhone. From here, the location of each Tag is sent to your iCloud which can be tracked in your Find My app. Have a messy room or just cant find your lost items even after looking at the app? AirTags also have a built-in speaker that can play an alert noise until you find the device. With iPhone 11 and 12 models, precision finding is available too—you’ll receive both the distance AND the direction of your Tag, making anything an easy find. 

Are There Any Security Concerns I Should Know About?

Understanding How Apple Protects You From AirTag Misuse

Flat lay of AirTags in a variety of different holders

It’s important to discuss the former security risks associated with Apple AirTags as well as Apple’s successful efforts to protect users from any type of Tag misuse to ease your mind. With the iOS 14.5 update, Apple implemented a security feature to alert users if someone secretly hides a Tag within your possessions in an attempt to track you. With this main concern eliminated, there’s nothing stopping you from having peace of mind with AirTags when you check out of the hotel or take a flight.

So, what are you waiting for? Perfect for planes, resorts, and everyday adventures, AirTags save time, energy and are guaranteed to be secure with iOS updates and encryption. If you’re ready to stop looking for your keys every morning, stop by your local InMotion store today to learn more about how you can start tracking your devices from anywhere—even right inside our store.

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