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Experience Concert-like Sound with the Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless

These headphones are out of this world.


Experience Concert-like Sound with the Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless

By InMotion
November 8, 2017

‍Bowers & WIlkins has recently announced their brand new PX Wireless headphone model. Already known for high quality headphones and speaker systems, Bowers & WIlkins are bringing exceptional and innovative sound to these brand new headphones. Engineered for maximum noise cancelling adaptability, these headphones are a must have for the frequent traveler. So don’t let shoddy headphones ruin your next journey, stop in at one of our many InMotion airport locations to try out the future of noise cancelling technology.

B&W headphones

PX Wireless Can Hear Your Surroundings

Noise cancellation of the future

These headphones are sure to block out all of that annoying background noise that comes with traveling. Relax as your PX Wireless headphones filter outside sounds to enhance your listening experience. The PX Wireless is such a versatile product, it comes with three practical noise cancelling solutions. Set your headphones to three noise cancelling settings: Flight, City, and Office. You’ll be able to take this device on any trip without worrying it will be able deliver consistent sound. Simply adjust the noise cancelling setting for any environment you encounter.

Let Your Intuition Control Your Sound

PX Wireless is able to be controlled through your natural movements

One of the most groundbreaking features of the PX Wireless headphones is its motion sensor intuitive controls. How are these controls any different than any other headphones? They are able to integrate the natural movements associated with wearing headphones and translate them into commands for the speakers. For example, thanks to state of the art motion control, your PX Wireless’s will turn on when you put them on your head. Similarly, if you hang the headphones around your neck or take one speaker off of your ear to talk, your music will automatically pause. There will be no more fussing with cords or headsets after getting this brand new model by Bowers & Wilkins.

Don’t Let Low Charge Get You Down

Nonstop sound for 22 hours

If these specs haven’t already impressed you, then marvel at how long these headphones are able to last without recharging. The PX Wireless headphones boast a whopping 22 hours of continuous playback. Don’t limit your travel to how long your headphones are able to last off of a single battery charge. Free yourself to almost a full day of charge from the world class battery of the PX Wireless headphones. So use your portable charger on other devices! These headphones have got you covered from destination to destination, no matter how far.

These impressive features coupled with the fashionable and ergonomic design of the PX Wireless headphones, make these a must have for long trips. Don’t hesitate to let one of our experienced tech professionals help you try on this amazing product. Use this adaptable and innovative product to make your travels that much more comfortable with the help of InMotion.

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