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Exploring Our Nation’s Capital Like a Local

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Exploring Our Nation’s Capital Like a Local

By InMotion
September 11, 2017

You’ve finally landed at the Baltimore/Washington International Airport and are ready to hit the town and explore all Washington D.C. has to offer. Whether you’re headed back to school, on a business trip, or visiting the historic sites, Washington DC is the perfect place to go on an adventure. Hope on a metro that’ll take you to multiple destinations and we’ll provide insights on how to do D.C. like a local.

Before you leave BWI Marshall Airport though, be sure to stop in at one of our InMotion locations to pick up some gear as you head on your way!

‍History Lesson 101

Free ticket to *almost* every museum

If you’re a big history buff and love to learn anything about everything, then D.C. is the spot for you.  Visit the National Air and Space Museum to see the world’s largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft including the Wright brother’s original 1903 flyer, astronaut space suits and a lunar rock sample. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum focuses on one of history’s most important events and one of it’s greatest tragedies. View artifacts, videos and personal stories all for free.  The National Museum of Natural History is also a popular museum locals and tourists enjoy. You can’t miss the incredible rotating collection of 127 million items including dinosaur bones, the legendary Hope Diamond, ancient Egyptian mummies and so much more. Get your walking shoes ready and wander through the many free museums located all throughout D.C. Grab a new pair of Shure 215 BT1 hp headphones at the airport before you journey out to isolate any outside sounds while you immerse yourself in America’s history.

The National Museum of Natural History

‍D.C. Isn’t All Politics

Hottest college town

With nine colleges and universities, the capital has a diverse range of areas to explore. There’s nothing better than expanding your horizons in a great town and getting the full college experience. Take a trip to any of the major sports arenas to settle any sports fix you may have or to cheer on the George Washington Colonials! There’s the Verizon Center, Nationals Park, RFK Stadium and FedEx Field. Of course we couldn’t forget the National Mall with the 2.5 mile long stretch of green where you can enjoy an intense soccer game or an outdoor screening of a popular movie. That’s not all, visit the old town of Georgetown for the awesome shopping, food and drinks! Similar to Georgetown, you’ll want to hit up George Washington University, Howard University, and American University during your visit to meet some awesome people and have a great time! Like all college towns, it can get a bit rowdy so don’t forget to bring your Beats by Dre Solo2 Wireless headphones!


‍Monuments & Memorials

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

No need to pick up tickets or make any reservations to view any of D.C.’s iconic monuments and memorials. Get off the metro near any of these attractions including the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, National World War II Memorial, the FDR Memorial. You can even tour the White House by scheduling a tour at least 21 days before your visit. Pro tip: visit the monuments at night and avoid the touristy crowds and see the beautiful monuments lit up under the night sky!

The White House

Travel through D.C. by metro, bike or on foot for a long weekend of history and college fun. Swing by InMotion and say hello to demo any various selections of headphones to take on your journey!

What was your favorite thing to see in D.C.?

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