Fall Foliage 2017: Come for the Leaves, Stay for the Tech

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Fall Foliage 2017: Come for the Leaves, Stay for the Tech

By InMotion
October 11, 2017

As the calendar turns over to October you should not miss your chance to see the beauty of the changing season. Watch the leaves turn from green to those vibrant fall hues strewn across the hillsides. If you’re flying into Logan International to see the foliage in the northeast, stop at InMotion for everything you need to make this New England fall one to remember.

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When you’re planning your trip to tour the 2017 fall foliage, you may want to consult a peak leaf forecast chart to see where and when leaves achieve peak color. You don’t want to show up too late, or in the wrong place. Since you can never be too early, you may want to plan your trip ahead of time using a forecast map.

Don’t Just Take a Picture of the Foliage

Capture every angle of your experience

You don’t just flock to see the leaves, you want pictures too. But you don’t want some static picture of leaves from out of state, you want something dynamic and interactive. You want to capture large expanses of the beautiful flora, not just some leaves.

Panoramic videos of the foliage allow you to truly capture your experience

If you take the time to plan a Fall foliage tour, you may desire to document your travels in some way. There is so much foliage, though, that you may want something more than just traditional pictures. Enter the Insta360 nano.

Imagine taking the amazing 2017 fall foliage with you anywhere. The Insta360, when attached to an iPhone, captures panoramic video of whatever you experience. This video can then be viewed normally, or in a VR headset.

Instead of just replaying your experience you can relive it. You will want to rewind, fast forward, and pause at the special moments you’ve created on your Fall foliage tour. You can also share your experience with others using the social media features the device offers.

Experience the Foliage Untethered

Avoid being tied to a wall and never miss a second

While you’re experiencing and documenting the foliage you may notice no outlet access for your devices. The great outdoors may not have electricity, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out or cut your trip short.

Don’t miss a moment of the foliage

It’s pretty common to be glued to your device, so much so that you go to extra measures to ensure a full battery before any event. But what about when your event strays away from the wall outlet, like when you decide to check out the wondrous New England fall foliage. The Mophie Powerstation XXL will help keep you in that moment.

The powerstation keeps whatever your preferred device in hand for the duration of your 2017 Fall foliage tour. This will act as your own personal outlet when no wall is near. So don’t go sticking your charger into tree trunks, and keep your eyes and camera on the rich red hues of Fall.

Get Out there and Catch the Foliage!

Everything you need to plan your trip

Before you disembark you will want to store your devices, clothes, and other essentials in luggage perfect for your fall foliage tour. Stop no short of the Samsonite spinner boarding bag. This great piece of luggage will store everything you need for your fall foliage tour.

Remember to pack everything you need to see the foliage

Imagine yourself stepping out of Logan International with the sleek boarding bag in hand, containing all the things you brought along to make your fall foliage tour one to remember. You will easily turn heads before the leaves turn yours.

Don’t miss your chance to tour the foliage this fall

Happy travels to all the leaf watchers out there. Be sure to stop and check out your closest InMotion during your travels to get everything you need to experience the foliage for yourself.

Where will you be going to see the fall foliage?

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