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Get a Head Start Burning off Thanksgiving Dinner

Be proactive and fight off the carbs early.


Get a Head Start Burning off Thanksgiving Dinner

By InMotion
November 22, 2017

Everyone gets excited for their family’s famous cooking around this time of the year. Turkey, pies, stuffing, and ice cream are many people’s Thanksgiving favorites. So how will you be able to stay in shape over the holidays with all of these delicious temptations? InMotion has your back with some high tech gadgets so you don’t have to postpone fitness for the holidays! So dig in, and follow these tips for a more fit trip home for Thanksgiving.

Go For a Relaxing Run

Take Advantage of the Beautiful Weather

A great start to working off your thanksgiving dinner is a solid and reliable pair of running headphones. Autumn and winter are the perfect season to escape into the outdoors for a vibrant and refreshing run. You can also take the advantage of running while the dishes are being done! You’ll want to suit up with a pair of Jaybird X3 wireless earphones as you take on the road. The Jaybird X3 wireless earphones are some of the most comfortable earbuds on the market and provide double hydrophobic nano coating and redesigned super-tight seams. So don’t let chilly weather stop you from having a productive workout this holiday.

Man on a Hike

Free Yourself From Wires in the Great Outdoors

Go anywhere, completely wirelessly

For a totally wireless experience, you can also discover the Bragi Dash Pro Tru wireless earphones. These earphones feature a totally wireless setup, so you’ll be able to take your adventure on the trails! These headphones are perfect for an after dinner hike through the woods because you don’t have to worry about your earphone wires getting caught. Another earphone engineered to protect against the outdoors, this is for anyone looking to get out into the wilderness.

Couple on an autumn walk

Take Advantage of the Whole Day

The Sun Won’t Set on Your Workout

The sun is going to be going down super early, so don’t let the night deter you from getting in some exercise over the holidays. Don’t be afraid to venture into the dark with your Armpocket Flash i-35 case. This case allows you to safely carry your phone on an armband, while the built in battery provides a flashing LED light to illuminate your workout. These multimodal LED lights will not only make your workout more safely, but also more fun! With an array of different colors, this arm band is sure to get your heartrate up on your next workout.

Fall sunset

Keep Track Of Your Workout

Be Sure Your Fitness Stays On Track

What is all of this holiday exercise even good for if you are not able to keep track of it? Don’t fuss with counting calories and fitness journals. Pick up a Fitbit Charge 2 so you can track all of your workout details with ease.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is able to keep track of your heart rate, distance via GPS, calls and texts on your smartphone, and provide guided breathing sessions. Just because you are working up a sweat doesn’t mean that you have to unplug completely. Stay on track of your life and your workout with the Fitbit. Just make sure to set an alert so you know when the turkey is done!

Don’t stress about staying in shape over the the holiday season. With these tips and gadgets, you are well on your way to working off that turkey. So indulge in the yearly festivities! Whether you are travelling or staying at home for the holidays, InMotion has the latest technology to keep track of your fitness.


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