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Get Ready for Your Next Summer Adventure With Our High-Quality Travel Gear

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Get Ready for Your Next Summer Adventure With Our High-Quality Travel Gear

By InMotion
July 30, 2019

Your opportunity to embark on a summer adventure is officially underway! Summer is the perfect time of year to explore the great outdoors and go on that hiking trip you’ve been planning or travel to a new city and try out fun, new restaurants. Before you head out, make sure you gather the proper travel gear to make your trip a success. Leaving unprepared can lead to unnecessary stress and chaos, which is definitely not something you want to be worrying about on your trip. InMotion offers a variety of gear that is well-suited for adventurous travelers just like you. Make sure you check them out, along with our top two travel tips, before your departure from the airport. 

Travel Tip #1: Don’t Be Afraid to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Trying new things can be scary, but if you don’t do something that scares you just a little, you might be missing out on something great. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out on a limb and climb a mountain by yourself. Maybe you want to try a portion of a new, foreign food, such as frog legs or kimchi. Or you want to take a day trip to a new city alone. Don’t be afraid to say yes to new things and to try to be spontaneous once in a while. More likely than not, you will be glad you went out on a limb and did something outside of your comfort zone. 

Travel Tip #2: Try to Pack Lightly 

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The last thing you want is to be weighed down by heavy luggage, especially if you will be backpacking or traversing across multiple locations within a short timespan. At the very least, you will want to bring a sturdy backpack for day trips and hikes where you will need to carry travel gear, such as a light change of clothes or a phone charger. Lowepro's HighLine BP 400 AW 36L Backpack is one such backpack that can store a variety of items in its lightweight, durable structure. 

For the Rugged Adventurers Who Want to Enjoy Nature

Lowepro Backpack

The Lowepro HighLine BP 400 AW 36L Backpack is perfect for bold, adventurous outdoor enthusiasts who are ready to take their next adventure to the next level. The backpack’s sturdy, weatherproof material makes it suitable for the most rugged of conditions. You can rest assured that your gear will be kept safe from the elements with its All Weather AE Cover that adds an extra layer of protection for your items. Thanks to its heat-sealed seams that cover the entire pack, all of your gear is protected from rain, snow, dust, and sand. 

Included within the backpack are a clothing packing cube, airline-regulation-sized liquids pouch, and the Lowepro-s exclusive and removable JumpKit device and accessory work station. The JumpKit is perfect for fitting in small items such as tablets, smartphones, earbuds, and pens that need to be easily accessible. There is also a dedicated CradleFit laptop compartment that suspends and protect devices up to 15” in size. You can fit your lightweight clothes in the designated packing cube and smaller items in the mesh pockets and liquid pouch. Don’t worry about bulking up your bag, as the Lowepro HighLine BP 400 Backpack is designed to fit snugly into the carry-on overhead bins and for safely traveling in cramped conditions. 

Record Everything With This Portable Tripod Kit


You won’t always have an extra person with you to record the best moments of your vacation. Luckily, for you, the Job GripTight GorillaPod Action Stand with Mount for Smartphones Kit is just that. In just a few seconds, you can turn your phone into an action camera with the kit’s flexible tripod stand and locking lever phone mount. The tripod fits most smartphones and action cameras and firmly secures them down with its TPE grip-pads. It is best suited for iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, GoPro Hero 6, and GoPro Fusion. There is even the Joby Bluetooth Impulse remote included in the kit, which allows you to trigger your phone’s camera from up to 90 feet away.  

Make Your Phone Pop With This Fun Add-on


Want a unique and fun accessory for your phone? Try the PopSockets PopGrip. The PopGrip lets you easily text with one hand, shoot high-quality photos, and watch video hands-free. It sticks best to smooth hard cases and is easy to reposition. The new PopGrip and PopTop designs allow for easy swapability. If you find yourself getting tired of your old PopTop, simply switch it off for a new one without having to worry about purchasing a whole separate PopGrip! 

Going on a new adventure brings up all sorts of feelings—excitement, joy, and maybe even a little bit of fear. But no great journey has started within one’s comfort zone. Before you head out on your flight, make sure you pack up with the right travel gear to help make your trip one for the books. Stop by InMotion to try on and test our travel accessories. Our expert consultants are eager to help you find the right gear for a successful trip. 

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