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GoPro Goes Mainstream With Hero Camera for Beginners

These New Features Make the New GoPro Hero For Everyone


GoPro Goes Mainstream With Hero Camera for Beginners

By InMotion
May 17, 2018

GoPro’s were the first compact HD cameras meant to record anywhere in broadcast television quality. They are versatile, lightweight and durable, but their most notable feature is their ability to be mounted in many unusual places. Though you could mount a GoPro on a tripod, you could also mount it to a helmet, bike or even your pet dog to be able to capture any moment from any angle you could manage.

The cameras were originally marketed to thrill seekers and adventurers--those most likely to use it for their ziplining spree or trip to a foreign country. However, they have been trying to expand their market. With GoPro Hero, the company introduces a new camera that everyone, including amateurs and casual users, can use. InMotion plans to help not only by providing GoPro’s in-store but also with this run-down about the Hero.


With touchscreen tablets and computers becoming more and more common, the inventors of the Hero decided to include a 2-inch touchscreen to add convenience. The touch screen allows users to easily to flip back and forth between modes, frame shots and monitor footage.


To enable users to explore, GoPro decided to add waterproof features onto their already durable designs. The Hero could shoot underwater up to 33 feet without worrying about breakage or low-quality images. Your smartphone and disposable underwater camera could rest easy.

Image courtesy of GoPro
Manage by hand, high or low, or over or under water.

Voice Control

The Hero allows hands-free control with voice commands like popular virtual assistants. You could say something “GoPro, start recording” or “GoPro, take a photo.” With voice control, you could include yourself in the action rather than staying behind the lens.

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth

No need to stop and sit to sort through your pictures and recordings. With the GoPro app, you could activate the Hero’s wireless capabilities that allow you to control the camera from afar or review your shots on the go.

Auto Offload to Phone

When you’re connected to the GoPro app, you have the auto offload option for your phone. Auto offload means automatically moving footage from the camera to your GoPro app. With auto offload, users are immediately given the option to share and review their videos.

The Hero focuses on easy-to-use capabilities, so it lacks some of the more complex features that were available for past versions of GoPro cameras. However, the features that the Hero does have are meant to be convenient and bridge the gap between casuals and adventurers.

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