How to Handle Virtual Education With Your Kids Like a Pro

How to Handle Virtual Education With Your Kids Like a Pro


How to Handle Virtual Education With Your Kids Like a Pro

By InMotion
May 21, 2020

With shelter-in-place orders and social distancing rules still in effect, it might be a while until things start going back to normal. While you are stuck working at home, so too are your children. They are likely feeling some of the same frustrations as you. Sometimes, you might even be the loud one interrupting their Zoom call or Google meeting.

To help both you and your kids adjust to virtual education, the team at InMotion crafted a guide including tips for successfully making the transition and reviews of the top kid-friendly headphones you need to check out now. 

JBL JR300 Blue Noise Limiting Headphones

Help Your Child Safely Block Out Distracting Noise and Tune Into Lessons

JBL JR300 - Ice Blue - Kids on-ear Headphones - Front

Designed just for kids, the JBL JR300 headphones are perfect for allowing your child to safely listen to audio while blocking out distracting noises. With a volume limit below 85dB, your kids can enjoy legendary JBL sound without risk of harming their hearing. Built with a soft-padded headband and padded ear cushions, these headphones will fit comfortably over your child’s ears like feathery earmuffs. 

JLAB Audio JBuddies Studio Over-Ear Folding Kids Headphones

Keep it Cool and Modern With the JBuddies Studio Headphones

JBuddies Studio Over-Ear Folding Kids Headphones

With its compact folding design, Cloud Foam ear cushions, and kid-safe volume limit set to 85db, the JBuddies Studio Over-Ear Folding Kids Headphones are great for both educational and leisurely listening. Thanks to their smooth-sliding metal adjustments, faux leather cushions, and feather-light build, kids can wear the headphones comfortably for hours on end. JLAB Audio understands that younger listeners have more sensitive ears, which is why they have tested and approved the JBUddies headphones for safe listening without sacrificing sound quality. 

Need to fold them up and store them somewhere safe? No worries. The JBL JR300 headphones are ultra-portable. Within seconds, you can fold up their compact design and store them away. Have multiple children in need of headphones? Kids can choose from blue or red headphones and personalize them with the sticker set included in the box. 

Tips for Helping the Kids Learn From Home

Our Top 3 Tips for Finishing the School Year Strong

boy with glasses opening laptop

For many of us, distance learning is not getting easier. Not only do your kids need to get through the school day, but you also need to focus on your own work. To help keep everyone sane, follow these best practices for working and learning at home. 

Create a Designated Work Area

Setting aside a designated area for online classes and schoolwork is critical for helping your child get into a “learning” mindset. It also removes your child from any potential distractions while giving them extra privacy. Make sure your child has a comfortable work area with all the necessary school supplies for starting the day off right. 

Make a Schedule and Stick to it

Before the pandemic, your child could follow a strict schedule for school. Head out at 9:00 am. Attend classes until 3:00 pm with a lunch break in between. Practice sports for a couple of hours until you pick them up after work. But now, this entire schedule has been disrupted. To give them a semblance of organization, create a schedule that sets aside a specified amount of time for learning and schoolwork. 

Ensure Your Computer and WiFi are Up-to-Date and Connected

The last thing you need is for your internet connection to shut off in the middle of your kid’s lesson. Make sure your equipment and internet connection are up-to-date and are able to handle the extra workload. Every so often, don't forget to clean out cookies and check if any software was downloaded by mistake.

eKids FROZEN Kid-Safe Headphones 

Surprise Your Children With Ice Blue Frozen-themed Headphones

eKids FROZEN Kid-Safe Headphones

If you are one of the many parents whose children are obsessed with the Frozen franchise, you have probably heard enough renditions of its famous soundtrack to last a lifetime. Let your little ones study to their favorite music without interrupting your virtual meeting with the eKids Frozen Over-the-Ear Headphones. The headphones are designed to deliver top-quality audio and block out background noise using its isolating technology. Designed for little ears in mind, the eKids Frozen fit comfortably over their heads with a secure fit. 

eKids Spiderman Kid Safe Headphones 

Fans of Spiderman Will Love These Bright Headphones

ekids spiderman headphones

Invite your little ones into a whole new universe with the eKids Ultimate Spider-Man Wired Headphones. Your kids can enjoy top-quality sound as they attend their virtual classes and hang out with classmates via video chat. To protect your child’s hearing, the eKids Ultimate Spider-Man Headphones are built to limit sound to safe levels. The headphones connect to any 3.5mm connector, making them compatible with most laptops and tablets. Your little student can also adjust their headphones to comfortably fit their head using their adjustable headband. 

Working from home can be stressful for anyone. As we continue to adjust to our new — though temporary — way of living, it is normal to experience some growing pains and frustrations. Luckily, sometimes it just takes a pair of noise-canceling headphones to help you tune out your surroundings and focus on your work. The next time you are at the airport, stop by InMotion for the latest electronic accessories.

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