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How to Pack Like a Travel Influencer

Being an influencer is the dream job. Not only are you able to connect with people and brands from around..


How to Pack Like a Travel Influencer

By InMotion
August 25, 2021

Being an influencer is the dream job. Not only are you able to connect with people and brands from around the world, but traveling is a huge part of the experience, too. While not everyone is an influencer, we’ll help you travel like one. Here at InMotion, we strive to make your trips as comfortable and convenient as possible with helpful tech and travel accessories. So we’ve crafted a list of our favorite travel accessories to keep you cool and satisfied during your entire trip—influencer style.

Keep it Cute and Connect Quickly With Unio

Create a Custom Personal Page Showcasing Your Online Presence

closeup of an influencer with a Unio on her phone

Whether they’re personal or business, once-in-a-lifetime connections don’t come often. Instead of taking the time to search for someone’s Instagram or Twitter handle while you’re in a rush, Unio offers a quick and easy way to connect with others. With the simple tap of your tag to a compatible phone, others can visit your personal page that’s completely customized to you. This revolutionary product allows you to link up with influencers, new friends, or business connections—without even typing a letter. Add your social media, Spotify, or even Paypal for quick and easy access.

Capture Every Exciting Moment With a GoPro

Save Your Favorite Memories to Watch Later

Man holding GoPro HERO10

Vacations are always filled with fun moments between friends and families. Why not capture these events to treasure the memories and keep them fresh? When you’re on the go, quality footage means just as much as a compact design, and with the GoPro HERO10 camera,  you can have the best of both worlds. This camera might be small, but it packs a HUGE punch. Capturing 5K video and 2Mpictures, you’ll never have to worry about your vlogs or family videos being low quality ever again.

Keep Your Phone Charged All Day Long With a Portable Charger

Stay Connected With Your Followers

closeup of a macbook being charged by a Nimble portable phone charger

Your phone holds everything essential to your life. When you’re on the go, though, being in reach of electrical sockets isn’t always an option. A portable charger is a perfect way to bridge this gap—easy to slip into any carry-on or purse, this helpful travel accessory can keep your battery out of the red all day long. One of our favorite portable chargers is the Nimble CHAMP Pro 20K because of its wide range of compatibility, ability to charge two devices at once, and it’s compact, environmentally friendly design. Now, instead of searching for the nearest place to charge your phone, you can get back to doing what you love most. 

Keep Your Screens Safe With a Strong, Durable Case

Stay Stylish While Protecting Your Phone

closeup of a man holding a Monarch phone case

With friends, family, and followers all located on your phone, why risk the potential of your screen breaking on vacation? When you have the right phone case, it doesn’t matter how many times you drop your phone on the go—your screen will always be protected from damage. Here at InMotion, we carry a large selection of phone cases to keep every type of device safe, including our favorite choice, the Monarch case, but UAG. Whether you love a cute, fun look or are looking for something more sophisticated, we’ve got the perfect case for you.

Stay Entertained During Your Flight With Apple AirPods

Ditch the Wires With Stylish Bluetooth Earbuds

woman in workout attire putting AirPods into her ears during a run

If there’s one thing we know about influencers, it’s that a majority LOVE Apple products—why not channel your inner social media star and show up to the airport with a pair of sleek, stylish AirPods? Not only do these fun earbuds look sophisticated and match any outfit, but they can drown out your surroundings to catch some much-needed Z’s on the plane, too. The best part? InMotion carries AirPods and AirPod Pros in most stores, so you can get these earbuds right at the airport.

As travel lovers, we believe you should be enjoying documenting your trip, not stressing out about inconveniences. We’re ready to take every annoyance out of your travels one affordable accessory at a time. Ready to make your next vacation the most comfortable trip yet? Stop by an InMotion store today to find all of your favorite travel accessories perfect for any destination.

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