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In-Flight Wireless Transmitters: The Travel Accessory You Never Know You Needed

Use Your Wireless Headphones in More Place than Ever Before


In-Flight Wireless Transmitters: The Travel Accessory You Never Know You Needed

By InMotion
March 3, 2020

In a time where wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular, much of our favorite technology—like phones, cars, and computers—are following suit. While many facets of our lives have adjusted to the widespread popularity of Bluetooth-enabled headphones, there are still certain areas that are falling behind. Anyone who has ever tried to enjoy in-flight entertainment with a pair of wireless headphones knows that airplanes are one of the places seriously falling behind the curve. At InMotion, we’ve made it our mission to make every adventure a little brighter, which is why we’re here to share with you the game-changing solution to enjoying in-flight media: in-flight wireless transmitters. How does a wireless transmitter change the game for travelers, and which wireless flight adaptor is right for you? We’re here to break it down for you.

What Can a Wireless Transmitter Do?

Bluetooth Connections to In-Flight Media Made Easy

While the ability to enjoy in-flight media is a total lifesaver for long trips, not everyone has a pair of wired 3.5mm headphones anymore (as a matter of fact, very few people still have a solid pair of headphones with a traditional jack). Even if travelers do have a pair of 3.5mm headphones, why would they choose to use them over a pair of true wireless or noise-canceling headphones?

Wireless Bluetooth transmitters are the solution to this new-age problem. These transmitters make any 3.5mm output compatible with your favorite Bluetooth-enabled devices. Simply plug in the transmitter to your 3.55mm output, turn on the transmitter, and connect your favorite wireless headphones. Not only does this allow you to stay connected with the headphones of your choice, but can help enhance in-flight comfort.

Not only are wireless transmitters great for enjoying in-flight entertainment, but they are compatible with cardio equipment, gaming devices, TVs, older MP3 players, and old radios and speakers. Now nearly any device can be compatible with wireless headphones, helping bring them into the new wave of listening technology.

RHA Wireless Flight Adapter

The New & Improved Way to Enjoy In-Flight Media

In need of a new wireless transmitter for your next flight? Consider buying the Helix Fly Wireless Direct Connect BT Trans and you’ll never have to worry about using wired headphones while traveling ever again. With ultra-low latency, audio and video sync in real time without any lag to provide a great entertainment experience anywhere, any time. The best part? This transmitter’s compact design allows for easy transportation without sacrificing its long-lasting battery or true-to-life sound quality.

Other Great Bluetooth Transmitters

Transmitters by Scosche & Twelve South for In-Flight Entertainment

Airfly transmitter

Capable of connecting to two different pairs of headphones at once, Twelve South AirFly Pro Inflight BT Transmitter is a great choice for anyone who frequently travels in pairs. Choose RX mode to switch your Twelve South AirFly Pro Inflight BT Transmitter to a Bluetooth input, allowing you to turn any Bluetooth input into a wireless speaker. This transmitter is the perfect item to keep in your bag on your biggest travel days or while on the go at home.

If versatility in a wireless transmitter is what you’re looking for, the Scosche FlyTunes™ Wireless Audio Transmitter is the perfect choice for you. Not only does that Scosche FlyTunes™ Wireless Audio Transmitter have a foldable two-prong design for enhanced flexibility, but it comes with a short aux cord for plugging into hard-to-reach spaces. The Scosche FlyTunes™ Wireless Audio Transmitter can be plugged into anything with an AUX jack to instantly turn it into a Bluetooth-controlled device—like making your car audio controllable via Bluetooth—providing you with the ultimate two-way Bluetooth compatibility solution.

Ready to snag a wireless transmitter for yourself? Stop in at InMotion while traveling to grab the perfect transmitter for your needs.

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