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InMotion Celebrates 10 Years of Partnership with Beats by Dr. Dre

Style Is King With InMotion And Beats’ Decade Collection.


InMotion Celebrates 10 Years of Partnership with Beats by Dr. Dre

By InMotion
July 10, 2018

There’s no question that Beats by Dr.Dre are ubiquitous in the minds and hearts of music lovers across the globe: mention Beats, and your audience will always know what you’re talking about. We at InMotion have been honored to help these musical wizards spread their products to travellers the whole world over for the last ten years, and now it’s time to celebrate. To commemorate a decade of audio engineering ingenuity and a consistent drive to provide the best products in the business, Beats is offering the new Decade Collection. Sporting sleek new finishes and superior quality these headphones are causing quite a stir in the music world.

Shock And Awe

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones Surprise And Delight

There’s no denying that the emergence of noise-cancelling headphones changed the way we experience music. With the ability to remove your music from the white-noise of the outside world, we can be transported to a landscape only adorned with the rhythms and melodies of our music: as Beats would say, “the way the artist intended.” The Studio3 wireless headphones recognize how important noise-cancelling is, and they make it easy to listen to your favorite tracks the way they were meant to be heard.

The Studio3 wireless headphones use a technology called “Pure ANC,” which stands for “Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation.” You might have heard this in conjunction with another phrase, “Passive Noise Isolation,” but the difference is key. While the noise isolation technology is simply a feature of the design of the device, like how over-ear headphones naturally muffle their surroundings (hence the “passive” designation) the adaptive noise cancellation uses digital algorithms to identify audio disturbances in the environment and cancel them out with their own frequencies. That’s why noise cancelling has always been a major battery-drainer: the algorithms and technology needed to perform this feat are complex, and require a lot of power to maintain.

The Studio3 series refuses to sacrifice their battery life though, as even with noise cancelling on the headphones boast an impressive 22 hours of battery life at full charge. That’s several 8-hour days full of music on a single charge! And with the noise cancelling turned off, the battery life nearly doubles, offering you 40 hours of music. There are even more features to be explored, but we’ll let you figure those out for yourself. That’s what getting to the airport early is for!

Sleek, Stylish, Powerful

The Solo3 Wireless Headphones Pack A Punch

When thinking of Beats, there are a couple of concepts that come to mind: the first one is music, of course, but the second is style. All of the Beats products are undeniably noteworthy for their aesthetics, and the Solo3 series is one of our favorite examples of how that approach bears fruit.

Lightweight and compact, this highly-mobile set of headphones doesn’t even need a cord to deliver your music. It’s completely wireless, which combined with its other features like adjustable ear cushions, allows for some of the most comfortable and ergonomic listening experiences available.

This model also boasts an impressive battery life: one charge will get you 40 hours of premium listening time. And with Beats Fast Fuel technology enabled, charging your device for just 5 minutes will grant you 3 hours of musical bliss.

These headphones are perfect for delivering quality sound, with enough features to set it apart from the rest of the Beats lineup. As a noteworthy and quality piece of audio engineering technology, the Solo3 headphones deserve to be talked about no matter where you’re heading.

Heart Pumping, Music Thumping

Let Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones Level Up Any Workout

Working out can be a chore, but it borders on torture without anything to focus on as you’re pumping your muscles as hard as you can. TV’s work somewhat, but there’s nothing quite like music edging you on to push yourself to your limit. It’s been proven that music can improve the intensity of workouts, making people feel less tired and enhancing their productive energy.

With this in mind, the Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones are a great compliment to any workout regime. They’re also sweat resistant, so no matter how hard you push you can be confident that your earphones will come out the other side.

The wireless feature is hugely important in this capacity too: try exercising with wired earphones and you’ll see exactly what I mean. With this model, 5 minutes of charge grants you an hour of music, a perfect amount for most workouts, and with a full battery charge granting 12 hours of music you can use them after the gym too. For exercising and lounging, at home or travelling the world, the Powerbeats3 are a sound choice.

Weightless Wonders

BeatsX Earphones Will Leave You Speechless, But Not Deaf

The BeatsX is a great companion for music listening in any sort of environment. This series is exceptionally easy to handle; they’re so light and minimalist that they never get in the way of anything you’re doing while listening, and they’re so small they can fit into any pocket or container. The earbuds themselves have tiny magnets that snap together making sure that your headphones never become tangled. The model comes with a variety of different eartips to customize your comfort to the exact form of your ear canal, and with an 8-hour battery life you’ll be able to listen on the go for an entire work day or plane ride.

Beats is determined to continue providing exceptional sounds with an aesthetic finish, and their Decades Collection is a showcase of their talent. They’ve been making incredible technology for over a decade, and it’s as impressive as ever. Congratulations Beats! Here’s to ten more!

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