Sim Local to

Enhance the Travel Experience

InMotion Teams Up with Sim Local to Enhance the Travel Experience

InMotion recently partnered with Sim Local to provide local SIM cards to guests entering the U.S.


InMotion Teams Up with Sim Local to Enhance the Travel Experience

By InMotion
February 25, 2021

InMotion has big news for its international guests! We recently partnered with Sim Local, a global distribution company that offers local SIM cards. Travelers entering the United States can now purchase a local SIM card at one of InMotion's stores in airports across the country. U.S. citizens traveling to Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands can also purchase local SIM cards for themselves. 

No longer do international travelers have to worry about incurring hefty charges while staying in touch with their loved ones abroad. In an instant, they can install a local SIM card into their phones before heading out of the airport. Learn more about our new partnership with Sim Local now!

Meet Sim Local

Sim Local is a UK-based brand that specializes in providing local SIM cards for international travelers.

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Since 2011, Sim Local has helped millions of people stay connected from wherever they are. Within minutes, travelers can insert local SIM cards into their phones before embarking on their new journeys. Once you insert the SIM card into your phone, you will also receive a new, local number. 

With a local SIM card, users can:

  • Text friends and relatives back home
  • Make international calls
  • Stream content
  • Upload photos to social media networks

These cards are now available in InMotion stores across the United States. InMotion sales associates have received extensive training, and are ready to support you in choosing and installing your SIM card. 

Benefits of Using a SIM Card While Abroad

Do you have a friend or family member visiting from abroad? They’ll need a local SIM card to stay in touch with people back home.

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Are you or a loved one planning a trip to the States or any U.S. territories soon? Have you been tasked with helping someone arrive in the country? Either way, the issue of SIM cards is bound to come up at some point. In order to stay connected to people back home, you will either need to add roaming on your international SIM card or purchase a U.S. SIM card upon arriving in the states or any of its territories. 

If you add roaming to your regular SIM card, you will keep your original phone number, but you may be surprised when you see your bill when you get home as that option could be very expensive. Whenever you call or text someone, you will be charged through your regular network. During your vacation, you will definitely want to upload some travel photos to Facebook and Instagram!  Since international roaming fees can be quite expensive, most travelers prefer using local SIM cards. Sim Local’s cards offer unlimited data, talk, and text at affordable prices. 

Traveling abroad can be fun and exciting. But at some point, you might feel a little homesick. In order to stay in touch with loved ones back home without dealing with high roaming fees, you need to purchase a local SIM card. Luckily, you can quickly grab one at an InMotion store after you land, before you even leave the airport. An InMotion store associate will assist you and help you get started right away. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to your final destination! Find an InMotion store now to prepare for your upcoming trip.

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