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Is Denver International the Most Bizarre Airport?

Denver International has more to offer than planes and a food court...


Is Denver International the Most Bizarre Airport?

By InMotion
January 31, 2018

You’ve just touched down from a bumpy ride, but you may want to take your time getting off the plane. Welcome to Denver International Airport. This $2 billion transportation hub completed in 1995 has offered an efficient and high class experience for travelers. Despite its excellent service, the eerie history, strange sightings, and suspicious theories have its customers thinking about only one thing --conspiracies. Here we let you in on some of the mysterious secrets that shroud DEN.

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The Demonic Horse

demonic horse
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Meet Denver International Airport’s infamous demonic horse named Blucifer. If it’s 32-foot height doesn’t scare you then maybe its name does (Blucifer!!). Its eerie look and wild face are nothing in comparison to its glowing red eyes that beam in the night as planes take off in the distance. But one giant horse sculpture greeting travelers can’t really be all that bad… or can it? That’s right, not only is Blucifer uncomfortable to directly look at, but it is cursed as well. The history of the horse is that it killed its maker. Artist Luis Jiménez began working on Blucifer in the 90’s and was still making progress in 2006 when a piece of the sculpture fell on Jiménez and injuring him. The injury ultimately led to his death. Intrigued enough to visit this murderous mustang in person? We recommend coming prepared: the Zagg InvisibleShield GlassPlus iPX is a durable and protective glass cover for your phone. It fights against extreme impact, so you don’t have to worry about your iPhone if Blucifer’s hoof falls loosely during your up-close selfie.

Mysterious Murals

mysterious murals
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The enormity of the Denver International Airport won’t seem so vast when you can appreciate the art that fills its walls. Many artists have had the chance to make DEN one of the most decorated airports. Every terminal has art that you can enjoy as you make your way to your destination, and listen to some sweet tunes on the way with your RHA MA650 wireless earbuds. But your playlist isn’t the only thing you’ll want to listen to. The story behind the murals and a closer look at what the art is showing draws major conspiracy theories over the years. Artist Leo Tanguma has a controversial set of murals throughout the terminals, and many say the themes of death and destruction are obvious. At first glance, they may appear this way, but further understanding of the art shows the artist’s vision was one of peace and love defeating death and destruction. Not a conspiracy, after all, just some miscommunication! Or is it?

Uncharted Underground Bunkers


If the artistic aspects of DEN aren’t enough to conjure up theories of conspiracy, the airport itself is under the most scrutiny. A $2 billion building and several-months delay of opening had critics wondering what exactly was going on at Denver International. The spacious airport is easy to get lost in and tales of secret and hidden pathways keep the stories alive. Many believe there are large underground shafts and bunkers purposed to hide government officials and members of the global elite. Some even believe the DEN was built as headquarters and hideouts for the Illuminati. Whether you believe in these myths or not, you still might get lost in the enormous airport, so bring along a pair of Skullcandy Hesh 3 wireless headphones. They’ve got 22 hours of battery life so they won’t die on you, no matter what happens in your journey.

Not a fan of far-fetched stories about haunted airports? Forget all the hubbub and focus instead on the great stores DEN has to offer. If you’re thinking electronics, we recommend InMotion. The supportive staff at InMotion will help you get a great deal. There’s no conspiracy in that!


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