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JLab Audio Has the Premiere Headphones You Want For Your Kids

Headphones made for your little one!


JLab Audio Has the Premiere Headphones You Want For Your Kids

By InMotion
August 21, 2017

The game changing audio company, JLab Audio,will please the whole family with these state-of-the-art headphones for kids. Read on to learn more about the newest swag JLab Audio has to offer at InMotion, at an airport near you.

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Meet the JBuddies Studio

JLab Audio does not offer any gimmicks. Their headphones are high tech, kid-friendly, and affordable. The Jbuddies Studio Over Ear Folding Kids Headphones come in both gray/blue and gray/purple. Interested? We’ll keep bragging about them.


You may be wondering why these JBuddies Studios are right for kids. Trust us, they cover all the key points. They are specifically designed for children ages 6 and up and are extremely comfortable. The earpads are soft and airy so your kids won’t have red ears from the headphones being too tight against their heads. Don’t forget, they look great too. But what about the inside of their ears? Kids can accidentally turn the volume up too high when listening to music, causing  irreversible damage. JLab Audio works hard to prevent any ear damage with  the volume safe feature. The headphones carry built-in volume regulators, so that sound levels can never be raised past 85db. The New York Times has rated them the best kids headphones for safer listening. Talk about safety!

JBuddies Studio Bluetooth Over Ear Folding Kids Headphones

Let’s not skip over another important feature, portability! While the JBuddies Studio has foldable abilities so it can fit into more compact spaces, JLab Audio has also designed a bluetooth version for even more mobility. The JBuddies Studio Bluetooth Over Ear Folding Kids Headphones is the solution. With all the same perks as the JBuddies Studio, this product is cordless, so you can avoid tangles and hook it up to Bluetooth.

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What do you think, would you trust these headphones for your kids? Find them at InMotion stores today!

Image sources: JLab Audio

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