Keep Track of Everything that Matters to You

Never lose your phone or wallet again.


Keep Track of Everything that Matters to You

By InMotion
September 8, 2017

Don’t let anything get between you and your things. With Tile, you never have to worry about items disappearing on your watch. Two brand new pro series products are designed to make your life even easier! It may be difficult deciding between the Sport and Style and that’s why our InMotion experts are available to help you get exactly what you’re looking for so you never have to lose anything again. Come say hello to us the next time you’re at the airport and try out the Tile Sport and Tile Style for free!

Tile Sport

Upgraded to last a lifetime

The Sport features the most powerful Bluetooth tracker yet with a range of up to 200 feet. No matter what’s thrown your way, Tile Sport will make sure you never lose the things that matter most to you because of it’s fierce durability. Stronger than ever, Sport is waterproof up to 1.5 meters deep for 60 long minutes! Aside from the crazy range and exceptional strength, let’s talk about volume. Tile Sport is now two times louder so you can hear it clear and find your item fast. You can even choose from a variety of new ringtones that really catches your attention!

Image Source: Tile Sport

Tile Style

Locating your things never looked so good

You’ll never lose your things anymore solely because of how good Style looks on your key ring. Tile Sport and Tile Style go hand in hand in their improvements and are designed with the same bluetooth range, waterproof feature, and sound enhancement.

Image Source: Tile Style

Keeping track of your belongings is now just as easy as losing them thanks to Tile Sport and Tile Style. Both products are designed to fit your lifestyle and are ready to find your things no matter where life takes you. Tile always reunites you with your keys, luggage, or wallet swiftly and easily using your smart phone. You name it, Tile finds it.

Don’t forget to try out these awesome new products and more at any InMotion store. Which Tile product is your favorite?

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