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Limitless Possibilities in a Virtual World: The Utopia 360

Virtual reality is set to impact our future. From being used for gaming and entertainment to how we work...


Limitless Possibilities in a Virtual World: The Utopia 360

By InMotion
March 6, 2018

Virtual reality is set to impact our future. From being used for gaming and entertainment to how we work and learn, VR is already starting to integrate itself into our lives. It’s possible that just like with smartphones, eventually everyone will own a VR headset and be looking forward to when the next greatest addition is released.

So out of all the models that already exist, which one should you look into?

Definitely Utopia 360, a virtual reality headset line manufactured by ReTrak. ReTrak is a leading manufacturer of tech accessories designed for travelers and on-the-go lifestyles. Their mission was to launch a line of affordable, fully-featured headsets, and make them accessible to everyone possible. With the Utopia 360, they promise to change the way you look at virtual headsets.

The Utopia 360 is offered in five different models, each of them boasting a better immersion experience. All sets are designed to work with your smartphone for a striking VR adventure. The packages offered are:
Utopia 360 headset
Utopia headset with Bluetooth controller
Utopia 360 Immersive Bundle with Bluetooth earbuds and Bluetooth controller
Utopia 360 Elite Edition
Utopia 360 Elite Edition with HD Stereo headset and Bluetooth controller

With the Elite Series, you’ll get a sleeker design plus advanced HD resin lenses to reduce eye strain. The Bluetooth 8-button controller can be used with one or two hands. It allows for convenient in-app navigation and maximum interaction with compatible apps.

Sporting a comfortable fit, built-in action button, dual adjustable focus, and a lucid view lens system, the Utopia 360 offers a unique experience when compared to its competitors. It’s lightweight and has memory foam padding, making it perfect for extended use. Plus, the Utopia 360 is compatible with nearly all smartphones including iPhones, Android, and even the iPod Touch. Its other features include:

Utopia 360 features

See the features in action here:

VR can be used to watch movies, paint and sculpt in 3D, design and play video games, simulate a trip to anywhere in the world, and even meditate. Plus, through practically any app or activity you take part in, you can connect and chat with anyone else in virtual reality, no matter how far the distance. Sounds like you’re missing out, right? Check out Utopia 360, found in over seventy InMotion stores.

Whether you are riding a roller coaster, racing cars, or fighting off a hoard of zombies, the Utopia 360 promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, while your senses run free. See things so vividly you’ll forget what’s virtual and what’s real! Looking for the best VR Content? Check out this list of the best VR games and apps from Science Focus.

A sensory immersion awaits. Our staff at InMotion will help you make the most of virtual reality. What will you explore?


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