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Look for These Commercials at the Super Bowl

Make sure you're prepared for some laughs this Sunday!


Look for These Commercials at the Super Bowl

By InMotion
February 2, 2018

The countdown to Super Bowl LII has already begun and so has the anticipation for this year’s batch of commercials. People are buzzing about celebrity appearances like Girls Trip’s Tiffany Haddish for Groupon, and clever sketches to highlight products such as avocados.

If you’ve scored a seat to the game and are planning on flying to U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, you’ll most likely be passing through MSP airport. Be sure to stop inside an InMotion store to pick up an action camera or other travel gear so you can capture epic footage of your Super Bowl Sunday properly.

If you’re staying at home February 4th, you’d better have your pizza or wings close-by because you’ll want to stay on the couch for these upcoming commercials.

Doritos vs. Mountain Dew

Doritos Blaze chips or Mountain Dew Ice? Get ready to watch actors Peter Dinklage, representing Doritos and Morgan Freeman, speaking for Mountain Dew have a riveting showdown over which new flavor is better. Personally, I would just buy both and name myself the real winner.

‍Just like Doritos and Mountain Dew, these two are an epic combination. Image courtesy of


The commercial for Budweiser has already been released and you can watch it here: 


The unique thing about the ad is it has nothing to do with beer. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Budweiser’s emergency water program, and the company reflected this milestone with the story they chose to tell. American singer-songwriter Skylar Grey is featured singing in the commercial, and part of the proceeds from her single will go the American Red Cross, which Budweiser’s parent company Anheuser-Busch has partnered with for more than 100 years.


This year, Skittles isn’t showing their ad on TV. In fact, only one person will ever see it. They’re live-streaming it on Facebook for a California teenager named Marcos Menendez. Talk about exclusive! But, don’t feel too left out. You’ll be able to watch Menendez watching the commercial on the Skittles Facebook page Super Bowl Sunday.

‍I just want to know how Marcos became the Charlie Bucket of this scenario. Image courtesy of


Are you a fan of sexy cars or sleek, powerful cats? Perhaps both? This is one car commercial you won’t want to miss. For their Super Bowl ad, Lexus is partnering with Marvel to promote the upcoming superhero movie, Black Panther. The Lexus LC model will be in the spotlight. If you want to see the actual vehicle that will be featured in the film in real life, it’s on display at the North American International Auto Show.

‍Does it give you chills? Image courtesy of


How about a dose of some 90’s nostalgia? Supermodel Cindy Crawford is returning for a remake of Pepsi’s iconic ad from 26 years ago. In the 1992 commercial, she bought a can of soda from a gas station vending machine. Two guys standing nearby stared in awe, but at the drink, not her. This year, her 18-year-old son Presley is rumored to have a featured role in the advertisement.

‍Spray me with the fizz of Pepsi nostalgia! Image courtesy of

Cyprus Air

Although NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins isn’t playing in the Super Bowl this year, you’ll still catch him on-screen. He’s starring in a commercial for Cyrpus Air, which is a heating and cooling company. The ad was filmed outside the White House and will also feature Donald Trump impersonator John Di Domenico.

Cyprus Air
I don’t know about you, but I ’m excited  this.for

The ads are always a highly anticipated element of the Super Bowl. Make sure you check out the electronics you see in this year’s Super Bowl commercials at an InMotion store.


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