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Make Holiday Magic With These Gifts For Kids

These gifts will be the talk of the holidays.


Make Holiday Magic With These Gifts For Kids

By InMotion
December 20, 2017

It can be hard to pick the perfect gift for kids during the holidays. Technology is not just for the adults anymore. Many high tech kids gifts are now the most popular toys on the market. Every year new and more exciting toys buzz around little kid’s heads in anticipation for the holiday season. Don’t be overwhelmed with the amount of options. InMotion has put together a guide so you don’t have to stress about all of the different gadgets this year.

Jamoji Just Kidding Headphones


Add some fun to for the little ones with these Jamoji headphones. With its whimsical design resembling the popular digital “emojis”, this gift will make the holiday season special. These headphones combine great, kid safe sound with a lightweight design. Beyond their playful exterior, these headphones are also parent approved! The volume on the Jamoji Headphones extends to a completely safe 85dBA. Add some joy to the holidays with these fun and functional headphones!

Boogie Board Magic Sketch

Magic Sketch

Inspire creativity with this amazing drawing set. This gift is the full package for kids, the Boogie Board Magic Sketch comes with a protective case, four styluses, and 60 stencils. Get ready for hours of entertainment with this cool new product. Kids are able to draw and trace their heart out with the help of a durable liquid crystal screen. The screen is smart enough to mimic the feeling of drawing and tracing. This gadget will likely impress the all the adults and children this year.

Batman vs. Superman Kidz Headset

Batman vs. Superman Kidz Headset

Stay up to date with the latest kids trends. Batman vs. Superman was one of the biggest movies this year, which makes these headphones one of the most in demand headphones this year. Kids can relive the movie magic with the help of these super cool headphones. Sporting the Batman vs. Superman logo on the padded ear cups, these are sure to provide comfort and excitement this season! Pick one up for the Batman vs. Superman fan in your life.

Thomas Tank Engine Kids Headset

Thomas Tank Engine Kids Headset

Younger children will no doubt prefer the classic animated Thomas The Tank Engine to Batman vs. Superman. This kid-friendly product will surprise the young ones with their favorite cartoon! These headphones are compatible for all iPod, iPhone, and MP3 and will provide hours of fun. These headphones are also super safe for kids! The volume will not extend past kid safe levels! With such a variety of headsets to choose from this season, these will provide a magical surprise for the children in your life.  

Buying gifts for kids can be hard, but you shouldn’t fret this holiday season! InMotion has a variety of headsets and other electronic gifts perfect for kids. Next time you are on the go, come and check us out! With over 120 locations nationwide you’re sure to run into us!


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