Make This Semester Your Best Yet With These Back-to-School Essentials

School is one of the most transformative experiences in your life.


Make This Semester Your Best Yet With These Back-to-School Essentials

By InMotion
September 9, 2021

School is one of the most transformative experiences in your life—you meet new people, find out who you are, and get to study your passions. There are also a variety of different opportunities to visit new places and develop your understanding of the world. As experts in all things travel and technology, we’re here to help you or someone you know transition into the school year with these helpful and convenient essentials.

Rock Out While You Study With High-Quality Earbuds

Perfect for Travel, Exercise, and Studying

closeup of woman wearing Beats by Dre's Studio Buds

Headphones are such an essential part of any school experience. Whether it’s late-night study sessions, leg day in the gym, or speedwalking when you’re late to class, music is key to keeping you motivated. With headphones being such a core part of your comfort, it’s crucial to invest in a great pair—don’t settle for anything less than perfect.

The NEW Beats by Dre’s Studio Buds are compact, comfortable, and include amazing sound quality that even the biggest audiophile will love. The best part? These headphones are compatible with both IOS and Android devices, so you’ll never be without your tunes no matter which side you’re on. 

Be the Life of Any Party With This Speaker

Don’t Just Work Hard—Play Hard, Too

two teens listening to music while holding the Anker Soundcore Flare 2 Bluetooth Speake

Academics are important, but what’s school without a little bit of fun, too? When you buy from a high-quality speaker brand, making friends at any social event can be a breeze. We LOVE the Anker Soundcore Flare 2 for its ultra-portable design and unmatched sound quality. Not only is it perfect for clubs and organizations, but it’s also great for smaller social events after class, too. With 360 degrees sound and 12-hour playtime, everyone can dance until the sun comes up—unless they have school in the morning, of course. This speaker doesn’t just sound good, but it looks great, too. With multiple light modes, you can create a new vibe for the party every single time.

Share Contact Info With a Single Tap

Easily Stay Connected With Your New Friends

closeup of a woman with sunglasses holding her phone with a Unio attached up to camera

Meeting new people and making connections is one of the most important parts of school—let’s make sure that social media swaps are quick and easy with one of our most innovative brands, Unio. Instead of fumbling to save your new friend’s number, you can give them all the information they need with a simple tap of your Unio tag and their compatible device. 

This tag allows you to customize a page that includes your social media accounts, contact information, and even payment apps, making staying connected as easy as can be. This brand new product can strike up a conversation, too, making you more likely to establish a meaningful connection and stick out in their memory.

Conveniently Charge Multiple Devices at Once

Never Worry About Your Phone Dying Again

3 different angles of the Moshi Rewind Dual 2 charger

When you’re on the go, your phone is a lifeline. Containing maps, social media accounts, and contacts, it’s the primary way to stay connected and navigate throughout your campus. Moshi is one of our favorite charger brands we carry, and with the Moshi Rewind Dual 2, you’ll never have to see your battery in the red ever again. Its sleek and portable design allows you to charge two devices at once, meaning you can charge both a portable charger AND your phone, allowing you to stay connected for even longer. Now, you can walk home from events, classes, or parties with a full phone battery.

Here at InMotion, our main goal is to remove any additional stress that you may feel during the school year. Not only will any of these products help you in your day-to-day life, but they’re also perfect for traveling, too. Interested in learning more about these helpful accessories? Visit an InMotion store today to talk to one of our knowledgeable professionals about which products are right for you.

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