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Miami Airport Electronics Stores, Food Stops, and More that Travelers Need to Know About

The Frequent-Flyer’s Guide to MIA: Electronics Stores, Empanadas, and Earbuds


Miami Airport Electronics Stores, Food Stops, and More that Travelers Need to Know About

By InMotion
October 3, 2019

There’s a reason birds tend to migrate south for the winter. Warm weather, tropical breezes, and plenty of sunshine guide us all down to Florida during the autumn and winter months, delivering us a dose of vitamin C (and vitamin sea) that we yearn for as the temperatures become brisk. Miami - a top travel destination in Florida - is full of beachy fun, plenty of culture, and great shopping for everyone to enjoy. This excess of things to do in Miami isn’t limited to the city, though; Miami International Airport is packed with plenty of shopping, delicious food, and more for those landing at MIA or simply passing through. Looking for the best of the best at Miami International Airport? InMotion - the leading Miami airport electronics store - is here to show off what travelers need to see while at MIA.

Delicious Food at Halfmoon Empanadas

A Standout Among the Best Food at Miami International Airport

halfmoon empanadas

One of the first things people do when arriving at Miami International Airport - whether it’s for a departing flight or right after touching down - is grab some food. Miami is known for its culture and flavors inspired by Latin American countries, and Halfmoon Empanadas brings those flavors to the forefront in Concourses D and F. Halfmoon Empanadas has been serving their iconic flavors to the Miami area since 2008 and is an airport staple for frequent flyers through MIA. Both locations serve of freshly-made empanadas made from scratch with premium ingredients, high-quality meats, and a unique dough-rolling process. Halfmoon Empanadas’ menu features classic empanadas with beef and chicken in addition to vegetarian options and specialty empanadas. If you’re traveling through Miami International Airport looking for some food, Halfmoon Empanadas is the perfect choice for something quick, easy, and delicious that will satisfy your appetite.

powerbeats pro inmotion miami

While snacking at Halfmoon Empanadas, tune-in to your favorite music with Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro. Powerbeats Pro are the wireless headphones designed for people on the go. Super secure and water-resistant, Powerbeats Pro are the perfect headphones for rushing from gate to gate at MIA. Equipped with 9-hours of listening on a single charge (and a combined 24-hours of playback with the carrying case), Powerbeats Pro deliver you high-quality sound from start to finish with unbelievably strong connections so you never have to travel without your favorite music or podcasts ever again. Try out a pair of Powerbeats Pro at the trusted Miami airport electronics store, InMotion, while traveling and experience these incredible headphones for yourself.

Professional Sports Gear at Miami International Airport

Shop for Miami Heat or Marlins Gear at MIA

Miami Marlins store

Sports fans know that one of the best things to do in Miami is to catch a professional baseball or basketball game. Whether you’ve made the trip especially for the big game or just snagged tickets for an evening of fun during your visit, you’re going to need licensed fan gear for the game. Lucky for you, finding the best Miami Heat and Marlins gear is easy. You can find the Miami Marlins and The Miami Heat Stores in Concourse D, both of which are jam-packed with official fan gear, jerseys, caps, novelties, and more for your favorite Miami teams.

GoPro Hero7 InMotion Stores

If you’re heading to the game, be sure to not miss a moment of the action with a GoPro HERO7 Black Camera. The GoPro HERO7 Black Camera is the waterproof, hyper smooth action camera designed to help you capture life’s most exciting moments. Capable of filming 12mp 4k60 1080p video, you’ll record crystal-clear footage of all your Miami adventures and can ever live stream video to your favorite social media sites. Grab a GoPro HERO7 Black Camera at a Miami airport electronics store before heading out to explore the excitement of the city.

The Miami Airport Electronics Store for All Your Travel Needs

InMotion is the MIA Electronics Store that Keeps You Connected

InMotion stores Miami

Forgetting a pair of headphones or your phone charger while flying is no one’s idea of a good time. Struggling to keep your devices connected while on the go or fighting the boredom of a music-free flight can lead to an awful travel experience. We’ve all been there, which is why InMotion is the Miami Airport electronics store designed to keep you connected. Featuring great tech from top brands like Apple, Beats by Dr. Dre, Sony, GoPro, Fitbit, Bose, Skullcandy, mophie, myCharge, and many more, InMotion brings the tech you need to enjoy your travels directly to the airport. You can find this incredible MIA electronics store all across Miami International Airport in Terminals J, G, and H/J so you are only a step away from the best electronics on the market.

Panasonic Ergofit

In addition to great wireless headphones and stunning action cameras, InMotion carries affordable, must-have tech for all your travel needs. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate headphones for your electronics collection or a quick pair to get you through your flight, InMotion has it all. Our customers love the Panasonic Ergofit In-Ear Earbuds while traveling because of the comfortable design, simple wired connection, and hearty listening experience. Made with 9mm neodymium drivers, the Panasonic Ergofit In-Ear Earbuds deliver a wide frequency of sound and enhanced durability to keep you enwrapped in marvelous music from takeoff to landing.

Traveling through Miami International Airport soon? Stop by InMotion to experience the best selection of any Miami Airport electronics store and grab the tech you need for a successful journey.

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