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Music has a New Best Friend with JAM Wireless Audio

JAM Wireless Headphones Will Rock Out Your World


Music has a New Best Friend with JAM Wireless Audio

By InMotion
April 17, 2018

When you are constantly on the go, your headphones should be reliable. InMotion carries a wide selection of headphones, including these stellar choices by JAM Wireless Audio that are super convenient for the business traveler on the go.

JAM Wireless Audio Transit Ultra Tru Wireless Earbuds

JAM Wireless

The JAM Wireless Audio Ultra Wireless Earbuds are the definition of sleekness and convenience. One charge gives you at least three hours of playtime. The case also works as a backup battery and charger--it even works as a backup charger for your mobile devices. These earbuds give you the freedom to move and live your life wire-free.   

JAM Wireless Audio Transit City Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

JAM Headphones
Courtesy of YouTube

JAM Wireless Audio Transit City Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are the ultimate sound-blocking technology. There are 12 hours of wonderful streaming time on a full charge. What is also very nifty is that these headphones fold, and the package includes a carrying pouch. Traveler-friendly, it offers the compactability you need. We can’t forget to mention that the headphones have controls on the side, so you can have complete control of a dreamy experience.

JAM SilentPro Wireless Headphones

Silent Pro

JAM’s SilentPro Wireless Headphones is your perfect companion for all of life’s events. These headphones have 15 hours of playtime with convenient controls on the side for answering calls, track changing and pausing. What is super nifty about these headphones is that the noise-canceling technology really makes the experience even more valuable. We also can’t forget to mention that there is an aux port in case you’re not feeling being wireless today.

InMotion wants to make the typical hustle and bustle of your day smoother with fewer distractions. JAM Wireless Audio products are the key to making your day more about you.

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