Must See Spots in Sacramento

Going to explore Sacremento is a must if you'll be there for a few hours.


Must See Spots in Sacramento

By InMotion
November 13, 2017

Sacramento, California’s capital, is a beautiful city, sitting at the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers. Sacramento has a population just shy of 500,000, making it the fifth largest city in California. Before you begin your adventure in “The City of Trees”, stop by the InMotion stores located in the Sacramento airport to get the best gadgets and take your trip to the next level.

Have a drink at the River City Saloon

A blast from Sacramento’s past

The best way to ease the stress of traveling and immerse yourself in a new city, is by visiting the local watering holes. The River City Saloon is located in the Old Sacramento district of the city. The saloon was first built in 1871 under the name “Parker French’s Saloon. The bar has withstood prohibition, the decay and rejuvenation of the surrounding area, and multiple renovation projects. The walls are covered in antique wallpaper, the physical bar is a 1905 Triple Arch Brunswick salvaged from an old New York City hotel, and you can order Old West Sarsaparilla for just a quarter. This has all contributed to the River City Saloon unique, old-fashioned charm. It will seriously take you back decades. With that said, River City Saloon has stayed hip, offering karaoke, live music, various themed parties and outstanding drink specials. In terms of what to eat and drink at the River City Saloon, you can’t make a bad choice. However, you will be missing out if you don’t try one of their famous deli sandwiches. Another favorite Old Sacramento spot of InMotion’s Sacramento Store Manager, Nate, is the Rio City Cafe, perfect for a tasty lunch with a view.

Get lost in Capitol Park

Capital Park
Not your average stroll through the park

Capitol Park is Sacramento’s most popular city park, located in the heart of downtown. The park was built around the state capitol building, providing a relaxing space in the middle of the city. The park is most famous for its wide variety of different species of trees from all over the world. 

Throw on a pair of Bose QC35 II Wireless headphones while you walk through, thickets of bamboo, banana trees, orange trees, oak trees and much more. The noise cancelling headphones will keep all of the hustle and bustle of Sacramento out of your ears so you can enjoy your tunes and the unique foliage Capitol Park has to offer. The headphones are also wireless, so don’t worry about getting tangled up in your cord while you traverse through the park. During your walk you will also notice many different memorial statues, most having to deal with California’s history. The two most popular monuments are the Vietnam Memorial and the California Firefighters Memorial.

The California State Railroad Museum

A must-see for any history buff

The California State Railroad Museum represents an entire afternoon of fun in Old Sacramento, just a short walk from from the River City Saloon. The museum features 21 restored locomotives and railcars dating back over 150 years. Visitors can witness the evolution of locomotion by observing the different characteristics of the vehicles. There are also exhibits on the history of railroads in the west and how they changed the world as we know it today. The highlight of the museum is geared towards children. The staff at the California State Railroad Museum puts on programs teaching children the history of railroads and even allows them to take a ride of old-fashioned locomotives. The docents even dress up in costumes, making the experience even more magical for younger children.

Take a ride on the American River Bike Trail

32 miles of serene exploration

The American River Bike Trail is 32 miles of asphalt connecting Old Town Sacramento to Folsom Lake. It’s common for bikers to come across animals like turkeys, deer and egrets, so keep that in mind while you’re whizzing down the trail listening to a new pair of wireless headphones, like the MEE Audio X7 headphones. The headphones come with multiple ear tip sizes, ensuring you find the right fit for you ear. So don’t worry about them falling off while you bike along the trail. The battery life on the wireless headphones lasts for roughly 7.5 hours, allowing you plenty of time to see the trail and take some extra time appreciating the nearby river. The headphones are not noise cancelling, which makes them ideal for yielding to passing bikers. The trail also features helpful mile markers and conveniently located rest areas with bathrooms. It is also extremely flat, making it ideal for beginners learning to ride a bike.

What the heck is a River Cat?


Sacramento’s professional baseball team

Sacramento isn’t typically viewed as a sports’ town, with only one major league team in the Kings in the NBA. However, they still feature a highly competitive and popular minor league baseball team in the Sacramento River Cats. The River Cats are the Triple A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants and have been playing in Sacramento since 1978. Since moving to Raley Field in West Sacramento eight years ago, the River Cats have lead minor league baseball in attendance every year. This is due to a fan friendly ballpark and past players like Josh Donaldson, Sonny Gray and Mike Piazza. 

Raley Field is also a popular destination to see a ballgame because of the many promotions it offers. During the summer “Thirsty Thursdays” draws plenty of college kids and young professionals due to great drink deals. The field also has “Wellness Wednesdays” where fans can participate in group workout classes like Zumba, Yoga and cross training on the field before first pitch. If you plan on attending one of these workouts before the game, consider staying comfortable until the seventh inning stretch with the Cabeau Evolution Cool. The contoured design utilizes proprietary dual-density memory foam, ensuring comfort no matter what angle your neck is at. What makes this travel pillow stand out amongst the rest is Cabeau’s innovative cooling vent technology. So forget waking up sweaty from a long snooze on the plane or a quick nod off at the ballpark.

While Sacramento may not be the first city you think of when visiting California, it surely has a lot to offer tourists. There’s plenty to do outside with the parks and trails. There’s also a lot of learn in the museums and historic monuments. Make sure to gear up for your trip to Sacramento at one of the two InMotion stores located in the airport so you can experience Sacramento in comfort.


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