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Navigate New York City Like a Pro This Holiday Season

Don't get lost in New York City over the holidays.


Navigate New York City Like a Pro This Holiday Season

By InMotion
November 27, 2017

Are you one of the many travelers headed to the Big Apple for the holiday season? If so, you are in for some breathtaking attractions the city has to offer. NYC is known for doing things bigger and better each holiday season. This makes New York the perfect place to explore in the coming months. Last year Rockefeller Center’s decorated tree stood at an amazing 94 feet tall and 56 feet wide! If you are not a native to New York City you will likely be overwhelmed by the number of fun things to discover. But don’t worry! Whether you fly in through Newark, Laguardia, or JFK InMotion will help guide you through the big apple. Follow this guide for some tips on the best food, shopping, and sights in NYC.

The New York Botanical Gardens

All Aboard for a Trip Through NYC History

This spot may not automatically be on your list of things to see in the big apple, but it should be. The New York Botanical garden, located in the Bronx, has breathtaking exhibits all year long. So why check out the gardens for the holidays? The New York Botanical garden puts on a massive holiday train show. Wrapping around the beautiful botanical gardens is an impressive half a mile of miniature train track speeding through replicas of New York City landmarks. This year’s exhibit features 150 landmarks all themed after the city. This is sure to be a huge hit for families looking to avoid the cold for a couple of hours. The botanical gardens also offer “Bar Car” nights for the over 21 crowd to enjoy the exhibit with a cocktail.

Toy Railroad

Top of The Rock

See NYC in its Wintry Splendor

New York is at its most magical in the winter. After a fresh layer of white snow has descended upon the city, everything seems a little more breathtaking. This is the perfect time to head to Rockefeller Center to catch a glimpse of Manhattan in the winter. Hailed as one of the best views in the city, the Top of The Rock sits 850 feet above the bustling New York Streets. You’ll be able to get picture worthy views of Central Park, Midtown, and Downtown Manhattan. If you’re up on the 70th floor you’ll get completely unobstructed views of the city. Bring your Insta360 to capture the city landscape and immediately share with your friends back home!

Rockefeller Center in the snow

Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s Stunning Window Displays

The Best Kind of Window Shopping in Town

While you are in New York, shopping is a must. The holidays make casual window shopping into an event of its own as the city’s retail stores compete for the most elaborate window displays. Jaw droppingly intricate moving and light up displays have entertained visitors to the city for years. For the most impressive and iconic window displays, head to Saks Fifth Avenue or the iconic Macy’s on 34th Street. These stores undoubtedly put the most dazzle in their window displays, enticing holiday shoppers from all around the world. Set the shopping scene with some wintery tunes, courtesy of InMotion and the new Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 headphones.

Spend the Afternoon Ice Skating in Central Park

Tighten Your Laces and Show Off Your Moves

Central Park is one of the most picturesque places in the city at any time of the year. Tourists flock to experience the park during the blossoming spring, vibrant fall, and romantic winter. While you are on a relaxed stroll through the green heart of NYC this season, be sure to check out Wollman Rink in Central Park for incredible ice skating. Located right next to the Central Park Zoo, this is one of the most beautiful ice skating spots in the city. You’ll be able to shred the ice with the backdrop of the NYC skyline shining in the light. Don’t let a long skating session prevent you from taking pictures on your smartphone, rely on a SAMSUNG Wireless Fast-Charging Pad Black to keep your devices charged all day long. Grab some hot chocolate after as well to make sure you don’t get too chilly!

Central Park wintery bridge

Bryant Park Winter Village

Shop Your Heart Out in a Winter Wonderland

Every year in NYC, Bryant Park will transform into a winter shopping center and ice skating rink for a short time during the holidays. The venue for New York Fashion week becomes a flurry of lights, restaurants, and shopping. Beginning October 28th, these shops are a must see for any visitor to NYC. Stop at Public Fare, a casual restaurant before heading out to get your holiday shopping on. The Bryant Park Holiday Village features boutique style outdoor vendors with artisanal food and unique gifts for family and friends. Bring along your Thule TSR-356 Subterra 3-N-1 CarryOn so you can store away those secret santa gifts safely for the trip home. The whole park becomes illuminated with lights after the sun sets, making this the perfect destination to cap off your day in New York City.

Winter light display

You should be ready and well prepared for your next trip to NYC. Don’t miss out on these exclusive holiday attractions waiting for you in the city! And don’t forget to stop by an InMotion on your travels to stock up on all your travel necessities, or holiday gifts!


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