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Next Level Sound: Skullcandy’s Crusher Wireless Headphones

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Next Level Sound: Skullcandy’s Crusher Wireless Headphones

By InMotion
August 9, 2017

Want powerful sound and mind-blowing bass? Now you can get it from a headphone.

Turn up the bass with these Bluetooth headphones by Skullcandy. Completely wireless, the Crusher Wireless Headphones are a mixture of sophistication and power. The memory foam ear pads allow for a comfortable fit with noise canceling strength. Each ear comes with dual bass control and adjustable haptic levels for a customized sound and a vibrating bass. It will leave you with a bass you can feel, not just hear.

Skull candy
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Skull candy
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Not to mention the exceptional battery power that is included, to keep your sound going all night long. That’s right --battery life is 40 hours. Take it on the go for next level sound and an escape that will be hard to break away from.

When should you use them? These portable headphones are perfect for travel, commutes, and the office. Want to speak to an expert about it? Next time you’re hitting the skies, seek out the nearest InMotion store to get pro help picking out high-end products from a high-end staff. They’ll offer free demos with the latest gear and friendly service!

Special Features

6.75 in x 7.0 in
Dual-channel haptic bass providers
Battery Life: 40 Hours
Memory foam ear pads
Foldable design

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