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Nuraphones: Personalized Sound like You’ve Never Experienced Before

The Incredible Power of Customized Listening with Nuraphones


Nuraphones: Personalized Sound like You’ve Never Experienced Before

By InMotion
November 6, 2019

There’s an inherent issue with the way headphones are made. Some people love deep bass in their headphones, and some people want to be able to hear every rich acoustic tone with perfect clarity. There are headphones on the market that deliver extremely high-quality sound and can project the type of music that you want to hear. However, have you ever wondered if you hear music the same way as your friends and family do? Have you ever questioned if your music could sound even better?

Nuraphones - the cutting-edge headphones that create sound profiles based on how you hear sounds - were created with these questions in mind. InMotion is here to break down the incredible features of these headphones and share with you how they help you experience music for the first time in full color.

How Nuraphone Works

The Headphones that Create a Sound Profile Unique to You

Nuraphone Headphones

The creators of Nuraphones decided to challenge the idea that all sound is created equal. From person to person, the way we hear and understand sound is different, which is why your experience with Nuraphones begins with a sixty-second detection of the way you hear. When we hear sound, our ears emit a faint response tone called an otoacoustic emission (OAE). The OAE is about 10,000 times quieter than the original sound but essentially turns your ear into a tiny speaker of its own. 

Nuraphones contain tiny, super-sensitive microphones that detects this sound and creates a custom sound profile in less than a minute. This sound profile notices which tones you were and were not sensitive to, adjusting to the feedback when playing your music.

Once your sound profile is complete, you’ll be presented with a personalized colorful circle that represents the way you hear high and low tones. Peaks in your sound profile (the points extending beyond the shape of a circle) represent higher sensitivities to those respective tones.

This custom sound profile is then used to deliver incredible sound to your ears as Nuraphones customize the sound you receive to accentuate the tones you hear well and play music in the best possible way for you, thus creating a truly unique listening experience.

Noise-Canceling & High-Quality Sound

Nuraphones Enhance Your Listening Experience with ANC

Nuraphones at InMotion

Nuraphones also offer a variety of other features that enhance your listening experience. Active Noise Canceling (ANC) on Nuraphones block out extraneous noises for a rich, isolated listening experience that allows you to experience music in its purest form. You can quickly turn off ANC to Social Mode with the touch of a button, amplifying external sounds for a smooth conversation with those around you.

Additionally, Nuraphones are designed with double passive isolation - the inclusion of super comfortable ear tips and ear cups - for quiet listening. These two listening modalities combine to block out ambient sound and immerse you in rich, pure tones. This combines with the custom sound profile to create a truly unrivaled listening experience.

User-Friendly Features & Connectivity

Powerful Connectivity and Control with Nuraphones

Nuraphone Travel Headphones

In addition to a powerful, personalized listening experience, Nuraphones include a number of unique features that allow you to take your listening experience to the next level. Up to three sound profiles can be stored on a single pair of headphones and can be managed via the Nura app. The Nura app also allows you to control the immersion level of your headphones, ranging from a low immersion to a front-row experience.

In addition to the Nura app, Nuraphones have the ability to deliver crystal-clear calls by blocking out ambient noise and picking up on the sound of your voice. Call clarity is enhanced by Bluetooth APTX-HD for unbelievable levels of connectivity. This way, you can ensure your music and calls never drop out when you need them most.

On top of great connectivity, Nuraphones deliver on style, comfort, and usability. With touch controls available on each ear cup and a single touch to social mode, Nuraphones make it easy to adjust your music without having to touch your device. Your Nuraphones supply you with a spoken battery level so you always know when it’s time to recharge. All this combines with sleek black design, ultra-comfortable ear cups, and an adjustable headband for an unbelievable fit.

Want to try out these incredible headphones for yourself? Stop in at InMotion while traveling for a free demo of Nuraphones and other leading headphones that you’ll love.

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