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From Alicante Airport in Spain

Plan an Unforgettable Trip Starting in the Alicante Airport in Spain

Tips For Traveling Through the Alicante Airport


Plan an Unforgettable Trip Starting in the Alicante Airport in Spain

By InMotion
July 9, 2019

Alicante, a port city on the southeastern coast of Spain, features white sandy beaches, colorful houses, and a bustling nightlife scene. The Alicante Airport, which is sometimes referred to as the Alicante-Elche Airport, is the fifth largest airport in Spain. Travelers from all around the world fly into the Alicante Airport to begin what they hope will be the adventure of a lifetime. The airport serves as the gateway to the Costa Blanca resort region, where millions of people travel to for its pristine beaches and relaxed style of living.

To ensure that you are equipped with the right supplies that will allow you to enjoy your vacation in Alicante, InMotion has opened its first store in the Alicante Airport. So after you hop off the plane and stretch your legs a little, make sure you stop by InMotion to check out our high-tech gear and speak with our experts about our numerous offerings. Once your trip is over and you are ready to board your return flight, relax at Alicante Airport’s VIP Lounge so you’re fully charged and ready-to-go by the time your flight is ready to leave!

Record Every Moment


Popular attractions in Alicante include the Castle of Santa Barbara which is a medieval Arab fortress, a marble-laid promenade named the Explanada de Espana, and the MARQ Provincial Archaeological Museum. Make sure you savor these visits and capture them with a camera so they can be kept forever. For crisp, video footage that will immediately take you back, check out the GoPro HERO7 Black at our store in the Alicante Airport. 

The GoPro HERO7 Black is built for travel. Its SuperPhoto feature automatically takes shots with HDR, local tone mapping, and noise reduction in any light. Show your friends what you’re doing at the exact moment you are doing it with its Live Streaming feature on Facebook or YouTube. Don’t be afraid to dive deep into the ocean with GoPro, it’s waterproof down to 33ft. Its HyperSmooth Video Stabilization gives you the same stability that a gimbal would, without actually having to use one. No matter where you go, your GoPro HERO7 Black is prepared to take the perfect shot, even in the most rugged of conditions. 

Experiment With Different Shot Angles Using a Grip Mount

GoPro 3-way grip

If you’re interested in taking more professional-looking shots from different angles, consider purchasing the GoPro: 3-Way Grip Mount along with your GoProHERO 7. Its versatile structure allows it to be used as a camera grip, extension arm, or tripod. You can even use the folding arm to capture selfies! Whether you want to capture moving POV footage or static shots, the GoPro: 3-Way Grip Mount will let you do all of this and more. You can even take underwater shots, as the grip mount is made of waterproof material. Once you are finished, you can collapse the 20 in. grip mount to 7.5 in within seconds before storing it in your bag. 

Don’t Forget to Grab a Charging Cable to Keep Your Devices Up and Running


For a durable, yet flexible charging cable, consider investing in the Candywirez: Marbled Woven 7FT Lightning Cable with a leather strap, available at the InMotion store in Alicante. The 7-foot lightning cable is tangle-resistant with its marble woven design, which also gives it a tough, flexible exterior. The cable is USB-compatible and can charge any iPads, iPhones, or iPods.

Don’t be intimidated by its long length, the cable’s round design allows it to be stored neatly while the integrated leather strap keeps it tightly wound up. The long size is also suitable if you need to use your iPhone or iPad while it’s charging without having to kneel down next to an outlet. Instead, you can simply relax on the couch and take all the time you need to wait for your device to finish charging. 

Take Time to Relax and Listen to Some Music With High-Quality, Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser True Wireless

With all of the walking around and sightseeing you are going to do, don’t forget to take time to relax and watch a movie or listen to some music during your downtime. The Sennheiser: Momentum True Wireless Headphones are perfect if you are looking for wireless, high-quality headphones. These headphones are also perfect for running, as they allow you to control music and phone calls using their built-in touchpad technology. Their transparent hearing technology also allows you to stay aware of your surroundings at all times. 4 hours of normal listening can easily become 12 thanks to the compact charging case that comes with it, giving the earbuds two full extra charges. 

Alicante Airport Lounge Sala VIP

Alicante Airport Lounge

To cap off what was sure to be an amazing trip, stop by the Alicante Airport lounge before you leave. Contemporary furniture, self-serve drinks, delicious food, and gorgeous views of the plane runways await you. If you came to Alicante for pleasure, don’t hesitate to pour yourself a glass of wine. If you came for business, you’ll be sure to enjoy the lounge’s complimentary Wi-Fi, fax and conference facilities. Just don’t forget to make a reservation to the lounge before arriving. 

Alicante is a gorgeous area where many adventures are to be made. When the trip is over and you are back at the Alicante Airport, don’t forget to stop by InMotion for all your travel tech needs and to consult with one of our experts. 

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