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Power Up For This Year’s National Battery Day

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Power Up For This Year’s National Battery Day

By InMotion
February 12, 2018

Reading this article on your phone or computer? Close your eyes for a second. Take a moment to imagine what your life would be like without those electronic devices. Terrible, huh?

I know. But you wouldn’t have any of them if it weren’t for battery power. This year, National Battery Day falls on Sunday, February 18th. Get ready to show your smartphone how much you appreciate it by treating it (and yourself) with a new cable or battery found at an InMotion store.

Need some ideas on what to grab? Here are 3 ways to get a charge out of National Battery Day!

Mophie Powerstation Plus XL

Mophie Powerstation plus
Slim, compact, and oh-so-portable. Image courtesy of Mophie.

These elegantly designed portable batteries are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and USB appliances. They feature a built-in switch-tip charging cable, which enables you to charge both Apple and micro USB devices. Plus, since the cable is attached to the battery, it will never get lost!

The Powerstation Plus XL’s 12,000mAh power bank can provide over 48 hours of talk time on a smartphone or 14 extra hours of video playback on a tablet. Smart charging circuitry ensures its charge on your device is safe and exceptionally quick.

Another great feature of the Powerstation Plus XL is its second USB port. You have the power to charge two devices at the same time! Just connect a second cable to the battery and let it juice up your electronics with the most efficient charging speeds available.

A stylish, compact design, wide range of compatibility, and two USB ports? The power station plus is a perfect example of convenience.

myCharge HubPlus Portable Charger

HubPlus portable charger
Tiny but mighty. Image courtesy of MyCharge

The newly redesigned myCharge HubPlus boasts a 30% reduction in size than previous models. It’s compatible with virtually any tablets, smartphones, and USB appliances. The HubPlus features a built-in USB port, micro USB cable, and Apple Lighting cable. You’ll never have to worry about carrying or losing the cables again!

HubPlus charges your devices safely and swiftly, up to 65% faster than competitors.

The battery itself maintains power for up to 1 year and regenerates its life up to 55% quicker than competitors. Wall prongs have been included in the design to make recharging effortless. With the HubPlus, you have the capability of charging the powerbank and any connected devices at the same time.

Compatible, lightweight, and accelerated charging? Staying powered up on the go has never been easier.

mophie Juice Pack Air Battery Case

mophie Juice Pack Air Battery Case
A case that completely charges your phone? I can feel the power. Image courtesy of Mophie

The mophie juice pack air is a lightweight battery case designed to protect and fuel your iPhone. It offers an extra 100% of battery charge - that’s approximately 14 more hours of talk time, 10 more of internet use, and 11 of video playback.

The case offers high-impact protection. Its raised bezel around the front edge and rubberized support pads will prevent your phone’s screen from becoming scratched or damaged.

When it’s time to charge, the mophie juice pack can be activated just by flipping a switch. The LED power indicator shows the pack’s battery levels and charge status. When you’re done, simply turn the switch off to save some juice for later.

You can also pass-through charge and sync your device while connected to a computer. Your IPhone charges first, then the case.

The mophie juice pack air is durable, easy, and efficient. It’s a valuable asset to keep you charged all day and into the night.

National Battery Day is almost upon us, and this year make sure to celebrate! Visit your nearest InMotion store to hook yourself up with a new charger. You’ll never have to worry about your electronic devices dying on you during a long car ride, an airport layover, or in the middle of the day ever again!


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