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Pro Tips for Portable Chargers

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Pro Tips for Portable Chargers

By InMotion
December 8, 2017

Have you ever had a layover last longer than expected, and now you're desperately searching for a place to charge before your flight? There are better ways to charge your phone than heading to the closet-sized bathroom or sitting on the floor of the airport. This can all be avoided by bringing an external battery pack along on your next flight. These state-of-the-art batteries can recharge your devices no matter where you are. Luckily, InMotion will be able to get you set on a new portable charger for your next trip.

Know Your Charge

Learn how battery packs work

Not all battery packs are created equal. Some battery packs may only carry just enough power for a single phone charge, so you want to know what you are buying. In order to pick the best battery pack for you, check out InMotion’s guide below to learn exactly how these gadgets work.

External battery packs are powered by lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries which have five essential components:

  • temperature sensors that make sure the battery stays within their safe temperature range
  • a shielded notebook connector that transmits information into and out of the battery
  • a voltage tap that monitors the energy percentage state of individual cells in the battery pack
  • a battery charge state monitor which is a small computer that monitors the entire charging and discharging process
  • voltage converter and regulator circuit which maintain proper charge and discharge operation and and protect your device in the process.

These five components maximize your charging capability and make sure your device is safely powering up. At InMotion, you’ll be able to try out  a variety of external chargers, including the portable mophie powerstation external battery. You’re guaranteed to stay connected anywhere you go.

Take It to the Next Level


What you should look for in a portable charger

The size of your device will determine how much power you will need to charge it. The smaller the device, the less power it needs. External battery packs usually list their capacity in milliampere hours or mAh, so keep an eye out for this number when considering a new battery pack. If you just need a little extra charge while you’re running errands, mophie’s powerstation mini has 3,000mAh that can provide a cell phone with 12 extra hours. On the opposite end of the spectrum, mophie’s powerstation XXL has 20,000mAh and can power up to three devices at once, including smartphones and tablets!

Look Out for Amp Output

External battery packs typically output electricity at three amperage rates: 1A, 2.1A and 2.4A. These different rates of speed determine how fast your charge will be. Small devices, like your phone, work just fine with a 1A Amp output. Your tablet may require a faster charge with a 2.1A Amp output or higher. While you could charge your tablet or laptop with a 1A external battery pack, it would be a much longer process.

Picking Out Your Perfect Charger

InMotion carries a variety of mophie® external battery packs to meet your needs, whether you want to top off your cell phone battery or power your laptop through an international flight. Take a look at our Basic Guideline chart below to help you navigate your choices.

Basic Guide


Need help picking the best mophie powerstation battery to fit your needs? Our friendly staff will be happy to match you with the perfect charger for you. Stop in at an InMotion store near you before your next trip!


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