Product Spotlight: GoPro Hero5

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Product Spotlight: GoPro Hero5

By InMotion
June 7, 2017

With new interactive features, it’s no longer just a device.

Now’s your chance to document your active lifestyle without having to be an editing expert. With the GoPro Hero5 video camera, you can now tell it what you want to do. Record stunning videos with voice command then playback your footage from the touchscreen display. Whether you’re a surfer, mountain biker, or just want to remember you next big adventure, this nifty little camera is more than just a camera: it’s your documentation companion. With Father’s Day right around the corner, find your GoPro Hero5 at InMotion and save $50 on your purchase.

GoPro Hero5 Black
GoPro Hero5 Black

Voice Control

The newest feature of the GoPro Hero is the interactive voice control. Using preset commands, you can now talk to your GoPro to capture or record without having to interrupt your awesome experience. You’ll spend less time editing since you can capture just the moments you want without extra footage. With support for seven different languages, the voice control feature makes it less of a device, and more of an interactive experience. 

Other Features

The Hero 5 also features a 2-inch touchscreen display that makes it as easy to use as a smartphone. Now you can edit photos and videos right on the camera’s cutting-edge display. Adjust resolutions, framerates, and even trim footage while you’re still on the go.

Other awesome features include a simple one-button control, underwater recording and advanced video stabilization. Tap once to turn the camera on and immediately start recording. Take a dive and record your underwater adventure up to 33 feet deep. Your friends will feel the rush of mountain air as they watch your seamless skiing adventure- the stabilization feature eliminates the jitters of a normal video recording.

The GoPro Hero 5 will make a great gift for any active Dad, uncle, or the important man in your life. Save $50 on your GoPro Hero 5 with InMotion’s Father’s Day special through Saturday, June 17.

Specs in Detail

Widescreen Video Capture

Image Recording Format

Max Video Resolution
3840 x 2160

Interfaces Provided

Effective Photo Resolution
12.0 MP

Memory Card Slot
MicroSD card

30 fps


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