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Product Spotlight on mophie Accessories

The powerstation mini and Other Must-Have Products from mophie


Product Spotlight on mophie Accessories

By InMotion
July 2, 2019

Are you a traveler who is always on the go? Or someone who needs to be plugged into their cell phone 24/7? There’s a pretty high chance that you need to keep your device constantly charged, then. But even if you do have a charger on you, you aren’t always going to be near an outlet. Certain outlets aren’t safe to use, such as those found in airports. And if that’s the case, then your charger is as useful as a brick. 

That’s where mophie’s portable chargers come in to play. Light, portable, and stylish—these chargers will blow you away with their high-power charging abilities and portability. At InMotion, we are passionate about helping customers find electronics that will help make their trips relaxing and enjoyable. That is why we will be reviewing three portable chargers built by mophie, including the powerstation mini, that are offered in our airport stores to help you find the one best-suited for your needs. 

mophie: powerstation mini 

mophie Powerstation Mini

If you are looking for a small, but powerful portable charger, check out the mophie: powerstation mini. With its 2.1A output and smart adaptive charging technology, the powerstation will deliver the fastest, most efficient charging speeds possible for your device. Its sophisticated 3,000mAh USB battery pack provides up to 12 hours of charging time for a regular-sized smartphone and up to 5 hours for a small tablet. You can connect your device using either your own cable or the micro USB cable that comes with the powerstation mini. 

Push the integrated power indicator located on the side of your charger to check its battery power. If that battery is low, then simply connect the powerstation mini to a power source while charging your other devices. Your smartphone or tablet will be charged before the powerstation begins to recharge itself.   


Battery Capacity: 3000mAh

Dimensions: 2.72 x 4.69 x 0.33 in (69.2 x 119 x 8.5 mm)

Weight: 3.18 oz (90 g)

Colors: Black, navy, magenta, charcoal, sky blue, light gray 

Included in the Box: powerstation mini, micro USB cable, quick start guide

Compatibility: Smartphones, tablets, USC devices

mophie juice pack air for iPhone X

mophie Juice Pack Air

The mophie juice pack air for the iPhone X is perfect for people who need to charge on-the-go while also keeping their phone protected. Even if you aren’t a klutz who drops their phone constantly, there’s nothing wrong with preparing for the worst, just in case. 

The mophie juice pack air’s 1,720mAh battery has the ability to extend your iPhone X’s life to 30 hours. Not only that, but the battery case is compatible with Qi, so you don’t lose your phone’s wireless functionality by putting the case on. Its internal rubberized pads protect your phone from drops, falls, scratching, and cracked screens. And thanks to its slim, low-profile design, the juice pack air is both stylish and practical. You don’t have to worry about a bulky phone taking up room in your bag. 


Battery Capacity: 1720mAh

Dimensions: 2.93 x 6.11 x 0.62 in (74.44x 155.32 x 15.84 mm)

Weight: 2.7 oz (76.5 g)

Colors: Black, Navy

Included in the Box: juice pack air battery case, micro USB cable, quick start guide

Compatibility: iPhone X

mophie charge stream powerstation wireless XL

Mophie charge stream

People who don’t want to deal with the hassle of using wires will fall in love with the charge stream powerstation wireless XL by mophie. This powerful charger can add 48 hours to a smartphone and 24 hours to a small tablet. 

Users simply hit the circle button placed on the side of the charger before placing their Qi-enabled smartphones on top of the charging surface. Within seconds, you can begin to charge your phone. If you don’t have a Qi-enabled smartphone to charge, such as a tablet, you can also charge it using the high-output 10W USB-A port. 


Battery Capacity: 10,000mAh

Dimensions: 2.72 x 5 x 0.79 in (69x 128 x 20 mm)

Weight: 8.29 oz (235 g)

Colors: Black

Included in the Box: charge stream powerstation wireless XL portable battery/USB-A to USB-C cable, quick start guide 

Compatibility: iPhone Xs/X, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, Samsung, Qi-enabled devices 

Because people nowadays are more plugged in than ever, it is vital for them to always carry a charger on them. Therefore, we encourage travelers to invest in portable charging stations for their convenience and safety. InMotion prides itself on its ability to help travelers find the right accessories for their upcoming trip. The next time you are in an airport, don’t forget to stop by and check out our latest gear and to speak with one of our expert associates. 

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