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Limitless Possibilities in a Virtual World: The Utopia 360

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Limitless Possibilities in a Virtual World: The Utopia 360

By InMotion
June 22, 2017

Utopia 360 is virtual reality headset by Retrak that promises to change the way you look at virtual headsets. The Utopia 360 is offered in 5 different models each of them boasting a better immersion experience. The packages offered are:

Utopia 360 headset
Utopia headset with Bluetooth controller
Utopia 360 Immersive Bundle with Bluetooth earbuds and Bluetooth controller
Utopia 360 Elite Edition
Utopia 360 Elite Edition with HD Stereo headset and Bluetooth controller

Sporting a comfortable fit, built-in action button, dual adjustable focus, and a lucid view lens system the Utopia 360 offers a unique experience when compared to its competitors. The Utopia 360 is compatible with nearly all smartphones including iPhones, Android, and even iPod Touch.

Whether you are riding a roller coaster, racing cars, or fighting off a hoard of zombies the Utopia 360 promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, while your senses run free. Looking for the best VR Content? Check out this list of the best VR games and apps from Science Focus.

Utopia 360 Features
Full List of Features

A sensory immersion awaits. Our staff at InMotion will help you make the most of virtual reality. What will you explore?

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