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Protect Your Favorite Headphones with the Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods

Protect Your AirPods from Dust & Water with Urban Armor


Protect Your Favorite Headphones with the Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods

By InMotion
January 16, 2020

When adventure calls, you’re there. This could mean quickly throwing together your bags with an hour left to get to the airport, hiking through rugged terrain in the Grand Canyon, or heading to third world countries to provide aid to those in need. No matter the adventure, you want electronics and tech accessories that make your journey brighter than before -- but not just any tech; you want to rest assured that your favorite products and devices stay safe no matter how crazy your adventure gets. At InMotion, we’ve made it our mission to supply you with the electronics you need to make every journey the best one yet, which is why we’re here to share with you the Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods: the protective case that every adventurer needs while on the go. 

Airpods Always in Tote with Urban Armor Gear

Small, Compact, and Always within Arm’s Reach

Airpods Hardcase

AirPods are the true wireless headphones by Apple that swept the nation for their sleek, iconic style and powerful connectivity. Perfect for everyone from city-slickers to students and frequent travelers, AirPods are regarded as some of the best headphones money can buy.

With how much love and adoration AirPods have garnered, it’s no surprise that so many people want to bring their AirPods with them anywhere they go. Now it’s easier than ever to keep your AirPods in tote with the Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods.  This protective case is made with a polycarbonate exterior and a soft-touch silicone interior and is specially designed to handle the impact of any journey. Slip your Airpods and charging case directly into the Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods for great protection and more.

The exterior of the case features a detachable carabiner, making it easy to clip your AirPods onto your belt buckle, backpack, or carry-on. You can easily access your Airpods with the quick-release button, making it easy to tune in to your favorite media while hiking, biking, or rushing through airport terminals. Best of all, the Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods is Qi-Charging compatible so that you can continue to fuel-up wirelessly (generation 2 only). You can even see the charge light through your case, making it easy to keep track of your battery level even while the case is on.

Protect Your Favorite Headphones from the Elements

When it Comes to Water and Dust, Fear Not with the Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods

Urban Armor Airpods Case

Adventurers know that you’re never sure what lies around every corner. Sometimes, though, this means trekking through extreme temperatures in the mountains, finding yourself in the midst of a rainstorm, or getting a little sandy on the beach. Instead of holding back from experiencing every moment to its fullest, the Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods allows you to dive in headfirst to life’s biggest adventures.

The Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods liberates AirPod owners by providing rugged weatherproof protection. Not only does the rugged exterior protect from impacts and breaks that occur during the shuffle of daily life, but the Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods protects your device from dust and water intrusion -- even on the lightning plug port. With this, you can rest assured that you always have your AirPods nearby and are preserving the longevity of your go-to headphones.

Get Airpods & Urban Armor Gear Hardcase at InMotion

Don’t Have AirPods Yet? Grab a Pair at InMotion

Airpods Airport Electronic Store

It’s clear that the Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods is the perfect accessory for protecting your AirPods and bringing them with you on life’s biggest adventures. Still don’t have a pair of AirPods? No worries -- InMotion carries AirPods in stores at airports across the country so that you can always snag a great pair of headphones before traveling.

Apple AirPods are the true wireless headphones designed to optimize the listening experience of Apple users. Designed with the Apple H1 Chip and built-in ‘Hey Siri’ compatibility, AirPods keep you seamlessly connected to all of your favorite devices while on the go. AirPods pack 24 hours of battery life into a single charge (with the charging case), allowing you to stay connected to your favorite music, audiobooks, and podcasts while exploring or flying to a new destination.

AirPod users can undoubtedly benefit from the Urban Armor Gear Hardcase for AirPods. Grab yours today at InMotion or try out a selection of other top-rated tech accessories with the assistance of our expert associates.

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