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RHA: Emotive Experiences Through Sound

Feel your music in a new way!


RHA: Emotive Experiences Through Sound

By InMotion
September 25, 2017

Unrivaled Quality that Leaves a Lasting Impression

Sound creates moving and freeing experiences that can transport you to any place at any time. RHA introduces new products that do just that: the MA650 and MA750 wireless in-ear headphones. These headphones are perfect for immersive, InMotion expert for a free personalized demo and see for yourself!

MA650 Wireless

This new, wireless in-ear headphone features a flexible, contoured neckband and a universal remote for maximum comfort and convenience. The MA650 Wireless headphone’s 12-hour battery life paired with sweat and splash proof surface makes this headphone the perfect accessory for when you’re hitting the gym. You can rely on the lasting performance to pump you up before, during and after any workout.

MA750 Wireless

The MA750 Wireless is similar to the MA650… but one step better. The noise isolating, premium, in-ear headphone minimizes any outside noise and fits securely inside the ear canal. The MA750 features over-ear hooks design the holds the headphones in position with the cord running behind the ear. You can’t find any other headphones with aerophonic steel construction and handmade 560.1 driver like these ones!

You can’t beat this sweet new accessory! Swing by InMotion to pick up RHA’s new wireless in-ear headphones for your when you get back in the work, gym or travel grind.

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