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Santa’s Top Electronics for Kids this Holiday Season

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Santa’s Top Electronics for Kids this Holiday Season

By InMotion
November 24, 2017

Finding the right gift for a kid during the holiday season can be tricky. Before going crazy trying to find the right present, check out some of these essential electronics available at InMotion that are sure to make great gifts for your children.

Durable kid-friendly headphones

JLAB Jbuddies headphones

Headphones are always a hot gift idea during the holiday season, especially nowadays, where it seems like every kid is playing games or watching videos on a tablet. The JLAB Jbuddies headphones are designed specifically for kids and come in a wide range of fun colors. The Jbuddies also come with eight different 3-D stickers, allowing kids to customize their headphones. These headphones are a very popular pick by parents due to their unique acoustic design, limiting sound output to a max of 90 db. This ensures your children are listening to their music or video games at a safe volume. Another major positive of these headphones is they are typically much cheaper than most headphones on the market, making them a safe investment for even the most active children. With that said, the quality of these headphones is top notch and JLAB offers a limited one year warranty.

Kid-Tested Screen Protection

Zagg Screen Protector

Buying new electronics for your children can be nerve wracking. Cracked screens typically lead to the demise of most children’s electronics. Luckily, Zagg creates some of the most trusted screen protectors on the market. You should have no problem finding the right sized screen protector as Zagg makes their products for iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Google Pixel phones and more.

 zagg screen protector

Believe it or not, Zagg screen protectors are designed with materials originally used to protect military helicopter blades. Thus you don’t have to worry about scratches, drops or dirty smudges on your protected device. A typical concern with top notch screen protectors is restriction on touch screens. But don’t worry, Zagg InvisibleShield screen protectors lay on the screen smooth and won’t decrease your touch screen sensitivity at all. The screen protector is also designed with oil resistant technology to keep smudges off of your device. If anything does happen to your screen protector, Zagg offers a limited lifetime warranty for their products.

Kid-friendly tunes on the go

UE WonderBoom Portable Speaker
ue wonderboom

Portable Speakers are a hot item for everyone this holiday season, kids included. Like all other electronics, you’re going to want something durable, and this waterproof speaker is perfect. The palm-size UE Wonderboom can float in water and even connect to another Wonderboom to maximize the sound!

Nothing beats the look of pure joy and happiness of a child unwrapping their gifts over the holidays. Make sure to stop by your nearest InMotion store to get the latest and greatest electronics to brighten up your child’s holiday.

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