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Share the Love: iLuv 2 Way Splitter Adapter with Volume Control

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Share the Love: iLuv 2 Way Splitter Adapter with Volume Control

By InMotion
July 21, 2017

You’re on the plane with your significant other, and your tablet battery is too low to start a movie. You see your partner has full battery on his or her laptop, and you’re starting to get frustrated. If only there was a way for both of you to watch something together without draining two batteries. Well now you can do it with ease, quality, and your own volume control. Use the iLuv 2 Way Splitter Adapter to share your movie-going experience so you can both enjoy your movie and set your own volume.

Imagine you want to show your best friend a new artist you can’t stop listening to, but you hate giving away one of your earbuds and making a tangled mess. Share your favorite new artist with him using the iLuv 2 way splitter to make the listening experience incredible for both you and your friend. And let’s be honest, you like to crank the music a little louder than he does.

Make sure to swing by your nearest InMotion store before your flight to check out the adapter and get ready to share your favorites with everyone!


Features and Specs

This splitter adapter works with any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack, like iPhone 6/6 Plus/6s, iPad Air/Mini, Samsung Galaxy S6/S5, and many more. The splitter features independent volume control for two different headphones without sacrificing any quality of sound. While the cable can extend up to almost 3 feet, you can also keep it compact, and its flexible design makes it easy to carry and use on the go.

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What’s your favorite movie or musician that you would not hesitate to share with your friends?

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