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Sleek, Sophisticated Style and Sound with Sennheiser

Sennheiser headphones feature technical prowess and minimalist design to create your favorite headphone


Sleek, Sophisticated Style and Sound with Sennheiser

By InMotion
April 5, 2018

Sennheiser is a German-based audio electronics company that specializes in high fidelity products with sleek minimalist designs. Each of their products is designed to provide a finely tuned, detail-rich listening experience. No frills, comfort, and convenience included. Sennheiser provides audio electronics to a range of customers, including those who seek both a conscientious noise-filtering headset and business communication device.

Looking to learn more about Sennheiser’s newest products? InMotion staff can assist you while you browse our selection.  Below are a couple choices, each equipped with their own features and specialties to peak your interest.

HD 4.50 Bluetooth, Noise Cancelling Wireless Over‑Ear Headphone

Combined with hi-fi sound and noise-canceling technology, the HD 4.50 Bluetooth, Noise Cancelling Wireless Over‑Ear Headphone offers a musical oasis. Convenience is key. Aside from eliminating background noise and disturbances from your listening experience; these headphones come with comfortable ear cups that are equipped with easy-to-reach buttons to manage calls, change tracks, and adjust volume. Music and calls are literally at your fingertips. The 25-hour battery and wireless design allow users to roam for a whole day without needing a charge.

HD1 Wireless, In-Ear Headphone

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The HD1 Wireless, In-Ear Headphone sports a wireless neckband with comfort-conscious earbuds. The neckband is not only crafted with luxurious sheepskin leather for sleekness and comfort, but it is designed with a convenient three-button remote to manage phone calls, connect music, or alert to incoming calls. In fact, you could even connect to two devices. If you wanted, you could also play your music aloud with the built-in speaker, so you have the freedom to listen without the buds. The neckband also sports an integrated microphone, which allows for detailed vocal projection.

PXC 550 Bluetooth Wireless Over‑Ear Headphone

A world-class choice, the PXC 550 Bluetooth Wireless Over‑Ear Headphone is equipped with a legendary battery life of up to 30 hours. You could continuously listen to music in the time it takes to span the globe, no strings attached. These headphones are equipped with wireless technology that lets you roam without tangles, but includes a cable in case you need it. With the PXC 550 headphones, the noise-canceling technology is at its most detailed; not only does it filter music for your ears, but it also refines your voice as possible. No white noise will interrupt you, so speech clarity for personal and business calls is A+. The communication center is built into your ear cups with a sensitive trackpad that boasts a natural and intuitive design.

For an oasis-like music experience, InMotion can help you select your headphones as both an enhanced musical and professional tool.


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