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Small But Mighty Accessories to Pack For Your Summer Getaway

No matter if you’re packing for a weekend trip or a 2-week vacation, every bit of space in your suitcase co


Small But Mighty Accessories to Pack For Your Summer Getaway

By InMotion
June 30, 2022

No matter if you’re packing for a weekend trip or a 2-week vacation, every bit of space in your suitcase counts. Not only do you have to bring enough clothes to last you the whole trip, but you want to leave enough room to bring back seashells for your collection or luxurious souvenirs for the fam. As warm weather lovers and travel experts alike, we know how important it is to save space while you’re on the go during the summer. Because this season is all about having fun in the sun while exploring new and exciting destinations all across the globe, we’re here to show you some of the powerful travel accessories at InMotion that will help you pack light no matter where you’re headed.

Pair These Powerful Products to Capture Crisp Travel Vids

Vlog Your Entire Summer Vacay in HD With Plenty of Storage

an extreme closeup of a person recording their summer travels at sunset with the GoPro Hero 10 camera and SANDISK 128 GB Extreme Micro SD card

If you’re anything like us, we can’t get enough of travel influencers showing off their luxurious summer vacays online—why not kick start your vlogging career by making your own adventure vids during your next trip? When you pair the GoPro Hero 10 with SANDISK’s 128 GB Extreme Micro SD card, you can capture your entire vacation with plenty of storage to spare. Even better? This incredibly compact and powerful duo can be purchased in InMotion stores AND comfortably fit in any carry-on.

Keep the Sun Out of Your Eyes While Listening to Summer Hits

Take Jamming Out in Style to a Whole New Level

a blonde woman posing in front of cacti while wearing Bose's stylish Tenor Audio Sunglasses

What’s better than showing up at the beach with sleek and stylish shades to keep you looking cool and feeling relaxed? A pair with high res, built-in speakers so you can listen to your fave summer jams, of course. Bose has totally changed the summer travel game with their Tenor Audio Sunglasses—from ultra-deep sound to some sweet tap and touch controls, you can kick back and relax while slaying the outfit game no matter where you’re headed. Plus, you can swap lenses depending on your clothes AND what type of warm-weather activities you have planned for the day.

High Res Tunes Perfect For Any Layover

Immerse Yourself in Movies and Music During Your Warm Weather Getaway

a closeup of a woman with her eyes closed and relaxing while wearing Anker's Liberty 3 Pro earbuds

If you’re both an audiophile and an avid traveler, Anker’s Liberty 3 Pro earbuds are the PERF addition to your upcoming summer vacay plans. Not only do they include crazy good, personalized noise-canceling tech, but they’re also recommended by 20 Grammy-winning music producers for their high res output. The best part is that these convenient buds are totally small enough to fit into your carry-on—saving you space for other accessories and fun souvenirs.

Hit New Personal Bests From the Hotel Gym

Stay Motivated When You Work Out With These Powerful Buds

a closeup of a man wearing a baseball cap and wearing a pair of the Skullcandy Grind earbuds

Not only are hotel gyms cool and convenient, but they’re also the perfect place to get out some extra energy and work on your fitness goals while you’re traveling this summer. Whether you prefer starting your mornings with a run or ending the day with some weights, making Skullcandy’s Grind earbuds your workout buddy can take you to new heights even while you’re on the go. Plus, with a name like that, you KNOW these powerful and compact buds will keep you focused and motivated during even the hardest sets. Be sure to slip a pair into your pocket or place them in your carry-on during your next trip to keep training while you explore the world.

The Compact Solution For Open-Ear Headphone Lovers

Stay Comfortable While You Enjoy the Warm Weather

a shirtless man stretching on a track before taking a run while wearing his Shokz Open Run Pro headphones

Did you know that open-ear headphones are all the rage with fitness fiends and travel lovers right now? We can totally see why—both compact and comfortable, the Shokz Open Run Pros can keep you moving at the gym OR entertained with movies and games during your flight. Not only are these headphones perf for all-day wear, but they can also keep you aware of your surroundings while exploring a brand new city. With safety and convenience in mind, Shokz totally thought of everything when it comes to summer adventures.

There’s nothing we love more than searching for compact and high-quality travel accessories to keep you entertained, relaxed, and saving space during your upcoming summer vacation. If you’re ready to take your warm-weather travels to the next level with our technology, we’re totally down—swing by an InMotion store TODAY to find your new fave travel buddy with the help of our team.

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